Coronavirus: Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine shows positive results – Science – Life

The companies Pfizer (American pharmaceutical company) and BioNTech (German biotechnology) presented the preliminary results of the vaccine candidate against the new coronavirus that they are developing. According to the chain ‘CNN’, the volunteers to whom they have applied the experimental vaccine “responded to immunization and was found to be well tolerated.” It must be said […]

Yves Van Laethem: “Local reconfiguration is possible in Belgium”

The inter-federal spokesperson Yves Van Laethem explains in La Libre how Belgium could reconfigure locally. Lhe majority of the indicators of the coronavirus epidemic in Belgium remain encouraging, but a slight increase in the number of infections is to be noted. With a daily average of 92 new infections last week (compared to 87 on […]

Sainz: «I want to say goodbye to McLaren in the best possible way»

Carlos Sainz, McLaren driver who will race in 2021 with Ferrari, said this Friday in an interview with the official website of Formula 1, that he wants to say goodbye to his current team “in the best possible way.” Sainz, who narrated how his negotiations with Ferrari developed and how his current bosses took the […]

Conmebol unveiled the possible venues for the upcoming finals

The Liberators of America, one of those targeted to be headquarters / web For some time, the measure was taken to make the round-trip finals a thing of the past in continental tournaments. And with the example of Flamengo’s triumph over River by 2 to 1 in the Monumental de Lima by Copa Libertadores, and […]

We test four blenders per spin and choose the best one | Showcase

Our expert has chosen Princess 203040 As the best of the four blenders analyzed because it is the one that offers the best price-performance ratio, ensuring a very successful texture in juices. The human body needs good hydration to avoid tiredness, weakness or dizziness. A hydration that, above all, must be monitored with increasing temperatures, […]

“The greatest possible injury of a childhood is not having been loved”

Delphine from Vigan, 54 years old, he wrote his first book, Days without hunger, with the pseudonym Lou Delvig. He related the hell and resurrection of his anorexia. He explained how not eating had made him more bearable when he was 19 years old. A decade and a handful of novels later, in 2011, he […]

cinemas are organizing to reopen “as quickly as possible”

When Isabelle Gibbal-Hardy, owner of Grand Action in Paris, closed the doors of her cinema, this Friday March 13 after the screening of Melancholia from Lars von Trier, she never imagined that she wouldn’t be able to reopen them the next day. → RECAP ’. Coronavirus: most of the day of May 4 “In the […]