Pope Francis urges people to follow Jesus by serving the poor

Pope Francis celebrated Mass for World Day of the Poor this Sunday, November 15 at St. Peter’s Basilica, from the altar of the Chair and in front of a limited audience due to the coronavirus pandemic. In his homily, he developed a reflection on the meaning of the parable of the talents, taken from the […]

The urgency of hunger and the importance of a healthy diet

In Argentina, more than 750 thousand households do not have the capacity to feed their children and adolescents. Faced with this reality, Asignación Universal, Tarjeta Alimentar, IFE, school food programs, food, merchandise modules, donations and community kitchens are intertwined in the territory of hunger. It is not a coordinated network, but rather a swarm interwoven […]

In the United States, millions have fallen below the poverty line

The United States is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, with eight million infections and over 215,000 deaths. The disease has already hit hard in virtually all US regions, and the epidemic is currently on the rise again, according to available data. Thus, the significant economic impacts continue, with the number […]

The Government insists that the IACHR report lacks objectivity

Cecilia Chacón, Secretary of Human Rights, said that the decision to send a letter to the IACHR cannot be read as an ultimatum to the indigenous leadership. Photo: Twitter of the Secretariat for Human Rights. Sandra Cruz / Quito The Presidency of the Republic, the Chancellery and the Office of the Attorney General of the […]

International: The virus destroys the dreams of the middle class in Latin America

When the coronavirus came to Chile And abruptly ended Lorena Rodríguez’s job, the 47-year-old nanny made the painful decision to pawn her jewelry – gifts from previous decades – for cash. Like more than half of Latin Americans, she worked in the informal sector taking care of two children in an upscale area of ​​the […]

Every fourth Ukrainian lives below the poverty line – Denisova

Photo: facebook.com/denisovaombudsman More than a quarter of Ukraine’s population lives below the poverty line – Denisova The Ombudsman spoke about the widespread “poverty of workers” in Ukraine, when employed people do not have enough money for basic needs. More than a quarter of Ukrainians live below the poverty line. Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova announced this on […]