The lady in black undoes the bluff of Sánchez-Iglesias (Ernesto Ekaizer)

The fifth extension of the state of alarm has been a health poker game – the extension of the state of alarm was requested to protect the health of citizens – where a bluff has been consummated. The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy defines it thus: “Propaganda montage intended to create a prestige that […]

Citizens rejects the pact with EH Bildu but does not break with the PSOE

Madrid Friday, 22 may 2020 – 02:13 Parliamentary spokesman for Arrimadas frames his rejection of the Snchez agreements to maintain the “Frankenstein government” Cs parliamentary spokesman Edmundo Bal (left) speaks with ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufin in Congress.POOL Citizens rejected this Thursday the PSOE agreement with EH Bildu to repeal the labor reform. And he did […]

Adriana Lastra feels threatened after the comment of a PP deputy

Wednesday, twenty may 2020 – 15:49 Echniz assured from his seat “you will find out” after a reference to the incipient manifestations of the PSOE spokesperson Lastra confronts Echniz (PP) in Congress: “Are you threatening me?” Direct.Coronavirus Spain today, last hour live Coronavirus.Descaling in Spain: what can be done and when in each phase Only […]

Pedro Snchez already breaks the record for high positions by finger in the Government

Updated Sunday,     17     may     2020     –22:44 A small gap made a gap. The law requires that high positions in the ministries, such as CEOs, be appointed by thegovernmentbetween career officials of the State, the Autonomous Communities or the local Entities, belonging to theSubgroup A1. However, the Executive is allowed to impose exceptions if there is […]

Government endorsement of acts by ETA prisoners

Madrid Sunday, 17 may 2020 – 09:14 Marlaska s orders to monitor the strict circulation limitation in areas still in phase 0, such as Madrid Protest in the Pamplons neighborhood of La Chantrea in favor of the ETA member who murdered the UPN mayor Toms Caballero.EUROPE PRESS The concentration held inPamplonain favor of a prisoner […]

Julio Anguita, the charism of the pending revolution

Updated Saturday,     16     may     2020     –13:06 Julio Anguita was a scholar of the heart. In every sense. Physically and emotionally. “Engine of passions and cradle of honor,” he called it. Anguita’s heart was the center of her life and has been the protagonist of her death. He gave him the necessary notices to change his […]

Original sin | Spain

JORGE DEL PALACIO Updated Thursday, 14 may 2020 –23:34 PSOE deputy Rafael Simancas and his parliamentary spokesman, Adriana Lastra, in Congress.POOL “Why is Spain in such high numbers of infected and deceased by Covid? Because in Spain is the Community of Madrid.” Who was dispatched with this diagnosis was the national deputy of the PSOERafael […]