Journal – No content marketing without corporate influencers

Fresh from the printing press: The following guest article is based on a chapter from the book “The New Principle Free” by Kerstin Hoffmann, which was published on March 8, 2023. The practical guide shows how companies of all sizes can achieve more visibility, a better market position, new customers and higher sales with content […]

Journal – Katharina Ilgner is responsible for marketing at Myne

Details Written by Jana Stosser Published: March 09, 2023 Created: March 09, 2023 Last updated: March 09, 2023 Hits: 108 Katharina Ilgner (Photo © private) is the new Chief Marketing Officer at Myne, a real estate start-up company in Berlin. She is responsible for building the brand, all online and offline campaigns and PR work. […]

PRReport | VKKD signs Cassie Kübitz-Whiteley

Cassie Kübitz-Whiteley has been in charge of internal and external communication and marketing for the Association of Catholic Clinics in Düsseldorf (VKKD) since the middle of the month. Among other things, Kübitz-Whiteley worked as an IR consultant for the retail group Metro. From the beginning of 2005, the commercial lawyer worked for the Deutsche Apotheker- […]

Sales of cars of a popular European brand assembled in China began in Russia

In Russia, the following organizations have been recognized as extremist and banned: FBK (Anti-Corruption Foundation, recognized as a foreign agent), Navalny’s Headquarters, the National Bolshevik Party, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the People’s Will Army, the Russian National Union, the Movement Against Illegal immigration”, “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO, UPA, “Trident im. Stepan Bandera”, “Misanthropic Division”, “Mejlis of the Crimean […]

Index – FOMO – Prince Harry is worried about his reputation

According to information from the Daily Mail, the Sussexes turned to one of Silicon Valley’s most professional PR professionals after deciding to say goodbye to New York-based Sunshine Sachs. The couple wants to be able to regain their good reputation, and Christine Weil Schirmer, who has been working for their foundation, Archewell, for years will […]