Ariana Grande could be pregnant, rumors are unleashed by an Instagram story

Ariana Grande could be pregnant, rumors are unleashed by an Instagram story | INSTAGRAM Well it was just after seeing her receive some gifts, thousands of Ariana Grande fans began to suspect that the singer is pregnant. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get more from Show News! We have learned that even within the […]

Another cause of diabetes in women has been found. Reedus

A new study published in the journal Diabetologia shows that the more often a woman has lost pregnancy, the higher her risk of developing type II diabetes in the future. Loss of pregnancy is considered common: fetal death occurs in one of five cases. Previous studies have linked pregnancy loss to a risk of future […]

Fitness: Sport during pregnancy? You have to keep that in mind

SIf you think that today’s column would only concern the world of women, you are unfortunately wrong. Planning pregnancy. Get pregnant. To be pregnant. Be happy. It always applies to both partners: woman and man. One does not work without the other. And that’s just as well. Just as wrong as narrowing the readership of […]

This sleeping position can harm the unborn baby

Pregnant women should not sleep on their backs. According to a study, this sleeping position increases the risk of stillbirth. It is often not so easy to find a good sleeping position during pregnancy. Sometimes the big stomach disturbs, sometimes the child kicks, sometimes it just feels uncomfortable. Researchers at the University of Manchester have […]

Ximena Sariñana announces that she is pregnant and boasts her ‘tummy’

Ximena Sariñana announced that she is pregnant for the second time. Photo: Instagram @ximenamusic MEXICO CITY. Ximena Sariñana is pregnant again. Make just under two years, the singer had her first baby and even gave concerts pregnant. With a message for Children’s Day, Ximena once again boasted her tummy of pregnancy. And with the hashtag […]

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are waiting for their first child together

¿Gigi hadid and Zayn Malik they are about to become parents? This couple has given much to talk about over the years. Since the beginning of his relationship and after having separated in 2018, the model and the former member of one direction they turned on the rumors of reconciliation. During the last months Gigi […]

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt are expecting their first child

The news of the new baby on the way comes at a very special time for the couple, who separately, have had professional successes in recent weeks. For example, just a month ago, Katherine Shwarzenegger released her book The Gift of Forgiveness. For his part, Chris just released the Disney movie Onward, in which he […]

Unwanted child? Todorenko is pregnant second

Hundreds of fans noticed Regina’s rounded stomach. Recently, more and more rumors have been born about a new round of quarrels in the marriage of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov. The public and the media are competing to guess why the couple is delaying the seemingly obvious divorce. At the same time, the presenter for […]

pregnancy tests performed without the consent of the players

The Association of Professional Handball Players (AJPH) denounced Thursday, February 14, pregnancy tests “Without the consent of the players” during biological assessments at the start of the season in a club in the Women’s League, without mentioning the club in question.Sources familiar with the matter, the club concerned would be Nantes, currently 3rd in the […]

Medvedev showed a pregnant belly. Photo

Anna Adamites Shots were made in the Novosibirsk forest. Natalia Medvedeva. Photo: Global look press. Natalia Medvedeva puzzled her subscribers with pictures of an impressive period of pregnancy. In the photo, the actress walks in the Novosibirsk forest, characteristically propping up her sides. A former member of Comedy Woman shared her shots on her Instagram. […]