Richard Mervyn Hare, ethics at heart

Said law or guillotine de Hume does not cut heads: only undue conclusions or inferences. Those who move from “what is” to “what must be”, from what describes a fact (Paul is a doctor) in what is an imperative or a prescription (Anna must close the window). This “cut” is not so simple. May Paul […]

No, a decree does not facilitate euthanasia in nursing homes or at home

Question asked by Fred on 04/03/2020 Hello, Several of you asked us about the publication, on March 29, of a decree allowing city doctors to prescribe, without marketing authorization (MA) and in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, a medicine called Rivotril. This exemption is in effect until April 15. Since the weekend, the government […]

Di Maio, they want to delete M5s – Last Hour laws

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 5 – “We knew the system wanted cancel our laws but then there is only one answer: the Italian people, who must demonstrate peacefully against this obscene act of restoration that begins with this act annuities. I will be with you on February 15th ” Foreign Minister and former M5S leader […]

Turchak declared that “United Russia” does not support the “repressive” project of the Code of Administrative Offenses :: Society :: RBC

The draft Administrative Offenses Code proposed by the Ministry of Justice contradicts the president’s message, said Andrei Turchak, Secretary of the Party’s General Council Andrey Turchak (Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev / TASS) United Russia does not intend to support the draft Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) developed by the Ministry of Justice until it is finalized. […]