Zelensky presented to the head of Apple the project Action City

Photo: twitter.com/ZelenskyyUa Tim Cook and Vladimir Zelensky The Ukrainian leader expressed interest in further expanding Apple’s presence in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday, September 2, told the interlocutor about the achievements of the domestic IT sector, the press service of the head of the Ukrainian state […]

García Cabezas highlights that the streets come back to life thanks to books

García Cabezas highlights that the streets come back to life thanks to books Home / Culture / García Cabezas highlights that the streets come back to life thanks to books The Secretary General of Culture, Miriam García Cabezas, affirms that the streets come alive again because of books and Book Fairs. 04 June 2021 .

School Senator: Cautious further opening is now possible

School Senator Ties Raven: “I am happy about this development. The prospective opening of schools to all grades is good news for parents and children as well as for schools, and it will bring great relief to many families. At the same time, this change is now confronting schools and especially school management with major […]

The publisher apologizes for adding the non-skipping / CD-Action ad to the game

In-game advertising still hasn’t become a sad reality, but some publishers are getting bolder in this area. On the occasion of such actions, players generally express their dissatisfaction, which sometimes brings positive results – it was just like that in the case of UFC 4when the community of the title negatively reacted to the appearance […]

What is the presence of Hezbollah in Venezuela – Venezuela – International

Hezbollah’s presence in Venezuela is ethereal. So far, the counterterrorism experts specializing in this group they rule out that there are training camps, soldiers or emblematic leaders in the country. His is, rather, an “omnipresence” through family clans that Hezbollah has recruited to establish networks support to operate in this Caribbean nation. “It is not […]

Navalny: Opac detects nerve agent similar to Novichok – Last Hour

(ANSA) – The AJA, 06 OCT – The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Opac) announced today that in the blood and urine samples taken from the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny there is a similar nerve agent to the Novichok. The organization found the presence of a “cholinesterase inhibitor” similar to two of […]