Comprehensive Medical Care Operation benefits Ramo Verde families in Los Teques

The Guaicaipuro Mayor’s Office, through the Health Directorate, carried out a comprehensive medical care session in the community of Ramo Verde, in Los Teques, Miranda state. During the day, the specialties of general medicine, pediatrics were offered and vaccines against influenza, polio, hepatitis, pentavalent and tetanus toxoid were applied. According to a press release from […]

MAS bets on the exercise of suffrage as a democratic principle

The national vice president of the opposition party Movement to Socialism (BUT), María VerdealHe recalled that the party will soon be 50 years old and in all this time it has never stopped participating in any political process “we are firm believers in the exercise of suffrage as a democratic principle.” He extended his invitation […]

They present a unified bill on labeling and healthy eating – Télam

They want the packaging to warn of excess components such as sugar, sodium and fat. A bill on the labeling of packaging for human consumption and that sets the guidelines for healthy eating, drawn up on the basis of several initiatives presented by legislators from the ruling party and the opposition, it will begin to […]

The egg is a complete food, a great ally in healthy eating – Télam

The egg has been a companion in our diet since the beginning of the kitchen. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it is one of the most nutritious foods in nature. This is attributed not only for being an excellent source of proteins of high biological value, but also for […]

Strong support for the Argentine position on the Malvinas issue – Télam

The G77 + China gave strong support to Argentina’s position on the Malvinas issue. The Group of 77 + China gave strong support to Argentina’s position on the Malvinas Islands issue, insisting on the need to resume negotiations with the United Kingdom, and reiterated its recognition of Argentina’s right to “take action legal “against” unauthorized […]