Putin discussed with Macron the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh :: Politics :: RBK

Residents leave Nagorno-Karabakh after the armistice. Photo report The activities of the Minsk Group have been repeatedly criticized in Azerbaijan. In particular, President Ilham Aliyev stated on October 26 that the co-chairing countries monopolized the issue of the Karabakh conflict settlement. He noted that all these years there was no “pressure on the occupier”, although […]

GERB is putting pressure on everyone who wants to join us

Let GERB simply not cross the line of normal communication, which must be done in a political debate or party building. I mean the fear that hovers. Anyone who wants to join us, but in one form or another holds positions in some organizations or bodies of the executive or local government, is under pressure. […]

Low blood pressure in summer, how to behave

Hot. Humidity. The legs seem unresponsive and every effort becomes difficult to sustain. Indeed, in some cases, there may be faults, with the head turning, especially if you change position suddenly passing from lying down to standing. For those who suffer from low pressure, nuisances can increase this season. But be careful: this does not […]

Caune junior tries out KIA NIRO hybrid (+ VIDEO)

Today, your Auto TV will save fuel and drive green and meet a person whose name is written in capital letters in the history book of the Latvian Rally. The KIA Niro is designed using a three-spoke hybrid system that switches between a petrol engine and an electric motor, or uses the power of both […]