Coronavirus: US, Texas over 6,900 hospitalized patients – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Texas has recorded another sad record in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic: up to yesterday, a total of 6,904 people were hospitalized in state hospitals, with an increase of over 2,500 patients in one week. In May, reports the CNN, the peak of hospitalizations had reached 1,888. According […]

Personería requires EPS Salud Total to improve service

The District Office, headed by Angélica Ávila Goldfarb, made a strong call for attention to Total Health EPS to immediately correct certain behaviors in the care of its members. This urgent request by the Public Ministry is given by the constant complaints and complaints by the users, who have manifested delays in the delivery of […]

Departure of Jacques Toubon, Human rights defender: “I put what I am into it”

“My only regret is to leave.” Jacques Toubon seemed moved this Wednesday 1is July for his farewell to his mission as Defender of rights. Chosen, against all odds, by François Hollande to succeed Dominique Baudis in 2014, he leaves on a balance sheet unanimously praised for his defense of public freedoms and should leave his […]

Man dies in EPS parking lot before receiving medical assistance

A man, who had come in the company of his daughter to meet a medical appointment in Total Health of Carrera 43 with Calle 70, died on the morning of this Tuesday outside the EPS. Cherdery Hernández, daughter of the deceased, explained that he arrived at the medical center because his father – Walco Hernández […]

Dimayor announces the League’s return schedule

The Dimayor socialized, through a statement sent last Monday night, the provisions, tests, dates and requirements to roll out the biosecurity protocol for the return of Colombian football in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In the guide text, which was sent to all FPC teams, you can see the detailed step by step that […]

very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 […]

A campaign of prevention against the mosquito tiger

More it is hot and humid, the more likely you are of getting bitten by mosquitoes. And so, to be infected by a mosquito carrying a viral disease. It is this reminder more pleasant after long weeks of confinement against the coronavirus, that is determined to disseminate the national Agency of sanitary safety of food, […]

Alzheimer’s dementia: What are the first signs?

Updated on 17. June 2020, At 16:26 The people in Germany are getting older and older. Thus, the number of people developing dementia is growing. The disease progresses insidiously, and is not to diagnose in the early stage easily. A couple of signs there are, however, also a self-test may help in detection. More health […]

The COE, alarmed by the lack of use of barbijos

From the Emergency Operations Center (COE) viewed with concern the relaxation in the use of prevention measures, basic to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Warn about the lack of use of chinstrap and the absence of respect for social distancing measures, especially in the Capital, where last week we detected a new outbreak, and […]