The leader seeks to punch the League in Barcelona

Yesterday it seemed to be celebrating the Sant Joan party, late, because Barça gave a firecracker. An anthological petardazo, before one of the bottoms, which allows the Celta Vigo I do a scandalous favor to Real Madrid. Those of Zidane, if they win, would put an income that could be definitive to raise the 34th […]

Corona Virus Traces Found in Spain in March 2019, Nine Months Before in Wuhan – The University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, announced on Friday that the virus experts on campus discovered traces of the corona virus (Sars-CoV-2) in a sewerage sample in Barcelona collected in March 2019, nine months before the Covid-19 pandemic began in Wuhan, China , in December 2019. The discovery of this viral genome in Spain, […]

Catalan bookshops offer to open by appointment or individual attention

The Gremi de Llibreries, together with the Conselleria de Cultura and the ICEC, have drawn up a decontamination plan so that these establishments can open from Monday. Specifically, they propose that bookstores raise the shutter by appointment or individual attention, using screens, masks and gloves, special hours for people over 65 and always guaranteeing the […]

What we learned from previous economic crises

A crisis “Unprecedented since 1929” ; the “Worst recession since 1945” (1): historical references are flourishing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Admittedly, comparison is not right. The current crisis is very specific: it was not triggered by a speculative bubble but by the lightning spread of a virus which led half the planet […]

Tomato deep history | Science

The history of food is fairly simple in rough outline. After 200,000 years living on forest berries, beach clams and the occasional wild boar for big occasions, modern humanity invented agriculture 12,000 years ago – the origin of the Neolithic era – and with it the first settlements, the division of labor and a unusual […]

More stress and anxiety after confinement: what we have learned from past quarantines | Talent

Although confinement is helping to combat the coronavirus pandemic, it is also putting citizens’ mental health at risk. During these days, psychologists repeat that confinement can increase feelings of anguish, catastrophic thoughts and even generate depressive symptoms. However, it is too early to know how the current situation is changing us: there are still not […]