Pokémon GO details its April 2023 events: Spring, raids and more

Pokmon GOthe popular Niantic mobile title, has recently announced the main news planned for this new month of april 2023 to start this week. The company, as usual, has emphasized the new events and pokmon that there will be available to capture throughout the month; then in this news we give you all important information […]

The Italian media compliments Dariusz Stalmach. “It’s a little gem” (sport.tvp.pl)

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8 windproof jackets for your outdoor training

Spring hasn’t started yet but in the fresh morning air you can already breathe the warm season with a less harsh climate and longer days. The desire to “get out of the shell” is almost automatic e go back to training outdoors – even if someone has never stopped doing it even with the lowest […]

Prepare the garden for spring, by the hand of Agrocor and its products and tools…

As the frost and cold are left behind and the temperature begins to rise, it is necessary to carry out different tasks to prepare the garden for the flowering season; spring. According to store specialists online Agrocor, it is advisable to carry out a general cleaning of the garden. This includes removing remains of leaves, […]

Basic guide to face persistent covid (and not despair in the attempt)

María, 34 years old, goes to a medical consultation in the spring of 2021. It is difficult for her to walk, as if we had suddenly put 40 kilos on her; She says that she has not had a sense of smell for five months, when she suffered from covid-19, and she cannot climb the […]

Forecast rain and snow for the weekend

ATLANTA, Georgia (Telemundo Atlanta) – After several days of spring weather, with temperatures in the 60s, winter will loom again this weekend. In metro Atlanta, rain is expected to mix with snow Saturday night and Sunday morning, with temperatures in the 40s during the day and in the 30s overnight, according to the National Weather […]

Dallas Cowboys fan smashes TV screen after loss

Rewrite this content Agencies / The Voice of Michoacán a fan of Dallas Cowboys He couldn’t tolerate his team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional playoff game, so he stood up and smashed the screen on which he was watching the game with a punch. It was the TikTok user @ victorledezma21 […]