The British are already mocking the new prime minister, Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak received a lot of criticism on Twitter even before he took office. It is questionable whether the new prime minister will receive more support than his predecessors. Rishi Sunak received a lot of criticism on Twitter even before he took office. – Twitter/@askeyJ_56

Rishi Sunak: Bailout for Tories and Britain? | Europe | DW

He is 42 years young, does not drink alcohol and is married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire family. The Indian-born ex-banker is slim, concentrated and always immaculately dressed. A former classmate called him “smart enough, sensible enough, and well-mannered enough” (in The Tatler magazine) to have a career. Rishi Sunak is a kind […]

Boris Johnson stands out to be the next prime minister – N +

Boris Johnson and his former finance minister Rishi Sunak They lead the list of possible candidates to replace British Prime Minister Liz Truss, while seeking support to become the new leader of the Conservative Party in a fast-track process. We recommend you: British Conservatives launch campaign to succeed Liz Truss Truss, chosen by party members […]

Index – Homeland – Viktor Orbán: We have decided

“We have decided. The price stops will be extended until December 31, and the interest rate stop will be extended until June 30. For us, Hungary is first,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote on his official Facebook page. In the post, the prime minister also published a picture on which it says: all price caps […]

My task is to do the right things, Prime Minister Petr Fiala responds to criticism

In the Czech interest He added that the Czech Republic helps refugees, especially women and children, to save their lives. It has accepted over 400,000 Ukrainians, currently around 280,000 of them live here and 120,000 of them are employed, so they bring financial resources to the health and social system. “The fact that we support […]

Tricky party video: is Finnish boss Sanna Marin dancing? | politics

Finland’s Prime Minister | Mighty trouble after this party video This is where you will find content from Podigee In order to interact with or display content from Podigee and other external content, we need your consent. enable external content She likes to celebrate – but now there is sharp criticism of Finnish Prime Minister […]

Two candidates fight to replace Boris Johnson

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Chancellor of the United Kingdom were finalists in the eliminatory votes held by the Tory caucus and now begin the campaign to reach the position of Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, candidates for the position of British Prime Minister. Two candidates, Rishi Sunak and Liz […]

Turkey Angry British PM Candidate Liz Truss Will Send Refugees to Ankara

loading… British Prime Minister (PM) candidate Liz Truss. Photos/REUTERS ANKARA – Turkey condemns plans for British Prime Minister (PM) Liz Truss to send refugees to Ankara from Britain. Today Turkey continues to face the problem of millions of refugees and an increasingly heated political and social climate. According to the Times newspaper on Saturday, Britain’s […]