Meghan Markle and Prince Harry star in reality show

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have that kind of charm that viewers need to want to know more and more about them.: what if their body language sparks, what if they stopped talking to their brother and sister-in-law (Kate Middleton and William), what if they already secretly went to see Queen Elizabeth II, what […]

Meghan Markle’s dad calls Prince Harry an ‘idiot’

the grandson of Isabel II revealed a few days ago that he still does not know if he will travel to London in June to celebrate with the rest of the royal family the Platinum Jubilee of his grandmother, who turned 96 on April 21. His hesitation on this, as usual, is due to his […]

William and Harry’s relationship may have fractured much more than we thought

While no one really knows what goes on behind the closed palace doors, some reports suggest Harry wasn’t too happy when his older brother hinted that he was probably moving too fast with Meghan Markle in 2016. In author Robert Lacey’s book, “Brother Battle,” the author says the royal siblings had a “fierce” fight on […]

Why did Meghan Markle return to California early?

And although the games continue their course, Meghan Markle has left the Netherlands to return home, located in Santa Barbara, California. The reason? Her two young children are waiting for her, Archiealmost 3 years old, and Lilibet, 10 months. It seems that the Duchess of Sussex, who expressed missing them very much, could not spend […]

Meghan Markle melts with love for Prince Harry in an emotional speech

Meghan Markle and the prince harry have been quite a sensation since their return to Europe for the new edition of the Invictus Games 2022, a long-awaited event for the grandson of Queen Elizabeth after being suspended two years in a row due to the pandemic. During the opening ceremony, Meghan was in charge of […]

Prince Harry Reveals Archie’s Career Aspirations

He concluded: “Their collective stories are woven into the history books, and for that we thank them. We thank you for instilling in us the unshakable knowledge that with courage you can overcome anything.” Meghan and Harry own the Archewell Foundation, under which they establish their business projects. (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) The speech came a […]

The casual look of Meghan Markle and Harry during their visit to the Netherlands

all eyes of Netherlands are put on Meghan Markle y Harry with your visit this weekend, for the celebration of the Undefeated Gamesthe Paralympic-style competition for wounded service members who Lady Di’s son launched in 2014. On this second day in the NetherlandsMeghan Markle y Harry acudieron a The Land Rover Driving Challengea race of […]