UKMK reported that another school principal was detained

The State Committee for National Security (SSC) reported that another school director was arrested on suspicion of illegally demanding money for student admission. This is the 4th time the school principal has been arrested in the last week. According to the press service of UKMK, A.G.B. of one of the schools in Bishkek. The headmaster […]

Amok alarm at school – large-scale police operation ended

Large-scale police operation in Darmstadt: the school management of the Wilhelm Leuschner School received a bomb threat. A killing spree was also announced. At the Wilhelm-Leuschner-School in Darmstadt, a large-scale operation by the police and rescue workers took place on Friday morning after a bomb threat. The “Darmstädter Echo” reported first. As a result, the […]

Let’s Solve it Together: Citizen Dialogue on Public Services in Solidarity

Playa del Carmen, Solidarity, June 2, 2023.- In order to listen to the feelings of the Solidarenses, the government headed by President Lili Campos held a citizen dialogue called “Let’s solve it together” in relation to public services, as part of the activities to be carried out by the Subcommittee on Services Public and Urban […]

Malal on the death of Vice Principal of Aliasmin International School Riyadh

Riyadh (Mansoor Qasmi) Mrs. Asha Cherin, Vice Principal of Eliasmin International School, passed away on Friday, April 28. She was suffering from a deadly disease like cancer and was staying in India for treatment. Asha Cherian belonged to Edthwa, Kerala. He was appointed in Eliasman School in March 2002. Earlier she was associated with PS […]

“Cancun Launches 2023 National Collection of Mexican Red Cross: Help Us Help You”

Cancun QR, April 19, 2023.- “Let’s spread good examples to the new generations; let us sow the seed of gratitude, love and hope, to reap prosperity and well-being. Together, let’s build a more united and supportive Cancun”, exhorted the Municipal President, Ana Paty Peralta, to the people of Cancun during the start for Quintana Roo […]

They grant a 50% discount on public service licenses in Solidaridad

Playa del Carmen, Solidarity, April 6, 2023. – The government headed by Lili Campos grants a 50% subsidy for the issuance and renewal of the driver’s license of the public transport service, aimed at members, operators and drivers of the Lázaro Cárdenas del Río taxi drivers union and others. The mayor announced that this discount […]

Scholarships for children of police officers announced in Solidarity

Playa del Carmen, Solidarity, April 5, 2023.- Scholarships for academic excellence for children of members of the Ministry of Public Security and Municipal Transit are already a reality, announced President Lili Campos at the corporation’s roll call. Likewise, she reported that the payment for recognition of police work rose from 17 to 19 thousand pesos. […]