Index – Culture – Netflix brought us the world’s most unique series

Netflix kicked off the new year of 2023 with great promise with the launch of their brand new series, Kaleidoscope. The streaming service provider claimed that viewers can watch the eight episodes in any order and still enjoy the bank robbery story in the same way. This is not the first time Netflix has experimented […]

The five most luxurious and comfortable prisons in the world – People – Culture

When we think of a prison, the first images that come to mind are usually those of unbreakable iron bars, dark corridors and small, uncomfortable cells. However, this is not entirely true. Here are some of the world’s most comfortable, luxurious and quiet prisons which, from a Colombian perspective, could easily be compared to an […]

Kurdish-German activist Gül Güzel – Bringing light into prison with letters

Kurdisch-deutsche Activist Gul Guzel Gül Güzel has been writing letters to imprisoned women for two decades. © private Gül Güzel in conversation with Britta Bürger · December 14, 2022 at 9:05 am Who still writes letters today? Gül Güzel does. The Kurdish-German interpreter and activist has been in correspondence with imprisoned women in Turkey for […]

Rehabilitation in Baden-Württemberg: Prisoners get Internet access – Baden-Württemberg

Photo: Lichtgut/Max Kovalenko Greens and CDU agree on a model project to facilitate the rehabilitation of prisoners in Baden-Württemberg. They are not allowed to have cellphones, their contacts are strictly monitored. Prisoners are cut off from the outside world in every respect. In the future, however, prisoners in the prisons in Baden-Württemberg could be given […]

Berlin: Rapper Fler sentenced to prison again! | Regional

Berlin – The Berlin rapper Fler (40) has been sentenced again! The Tiergarten district court found the musician guilty of assault, insult, threats, property damage and public incitement to commit crimes on Wednesday. It sentenced Fler to one year and four months imprisonment on probation. In addition, the musician has to pay 10,000 euros to […]

Russia prosecutes the first soldier for disobeying the order to go to Ukraine

According to Čikov, the unnamed soldier faces up to three years in prison. According to investigators, the accused failed to comply with a duly issued order to go on a business trip to participate in combat operations. The Kommersant newspaper recalled that on Wednesday, the federal criminal center for the first time launched criminal prosecution […]