“In Spain there are many people affected by the bankruptcy of FTX”

Javier Navas, a lawyer specializing in financial law and new technologies, is receiving numerous inquiries from people affected by the FTX bankruptcy The asset trading platform went bankrupt on November 11 after not being able to face investment withdrawal orders The lawyers point out that the process to try to recover the money will be […]

“It has cost me a lot to be able to fulfill my duty”

The deputy of Together for Change said that one of his sons is “in delicate terms.” Swimming, your ground wire. The deputy of Together for Change Ricardo Lopez Murphy He was honest about the adverse present that he lives as a result of the illness of one of your relatives and told how that makes […]

Blood on the anus / what can it be?

Hello, everyone, I’m on the verge of freaking out and I need to talk to someone about this. Even if I’m very uncomfortable.I had very hard stools a few weeks ago and this caused me to have some blood on the toilet paper and it took some time for the bleeding to stop. Was a […]

Koreans prefer “iPhone” over “Galaxy” after the problem of GOS

The popularity of the flagship Samsung Galaxy phones in its home country of South Korea was affected this year, against the background of the company’s slowdown in its smartphones, especially when its users play games. According to StatCounter statistics, Samsung’s market share of the mobile market in South Korea decreased between June and September of […]

Outlook: Microsoft provides bugfix against crashes on startup

An error has crept into the Office program Outlook, which has caused crashes when it is started. Microsoft has now eliminated the problem and made a patch available. If you cannot install the patch, you can still use a temporary solution. The bug first surfaced in August and caused the desktop version of Outlook to […]

Artificial intelligence reduces quantum physics problem from 100 thousand equations to just four | Technology

Physicists have used artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce a challenging and huge quantum physics problem that previously required 100,000 equations to a manageable effort of just four equations, all without losing precision. Specifically, scientists have managed to capture the movement of electrons traversing a square lattice in simulations that, until now, have required hundreds of […]

War reparations. “Die Welt” on the cynical attitude of Germany

The German daily Die Welt published an article on Thursday about Polish demands for reparations from Germany for losses suffered during World War II. Philipp Fritz, the newspaper’s correspondent in Warsaw, believes that Germany’s public opinion is making a mistake in qualifying Poland’s claims as a manifestation of PiS’s “brutal election campaign”. “Something more than […]

Google fixes a worrisome technical problem

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan) Google has revealed that it has fixed a haunting technical issue. It explained that a problem was addressed in its beta version of the Android 13 operating system, according to the Sabq news website, quoting the specialized technical website GSM Arena. Well, it released a new update for its beta version about two […]