Brazilian killed in Hamburg: new trial has begun – News

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, the Hamburg Regional Court began a new trial in the case of a Brazilian who was killed in Hamburg. Three years after the body of the 28-year-old was found, the Federal Court of Justice overturned an earlier conviction of the accused to life imprisonment. At the beginning of the new […]

Green Vault: Deal closed in the process of the Dresden jewel theft

The deal was preceded by agreements that led to the return of part of the loot, but the other side did not fully comply with the agreements, as the judge announced on Tuesday. In addition, parts of the jewelry were damaged due to improper storage and cleaning attempts to remove traces. deal in criminal proceedings […]

The right trick to grind lime leaves for filling in dents, saves time and effort

photo: TikTok/@masakasyik1 – It is common knowledge that lime leaves are very useful for cooking. In addition to adding a delicious fragrant aroma, lime leaves can also make food taste more delicious and fresh. Who would have thought, lime leaves also have many health benefits, you know. Reporting from, lime leaves can be […]

the prosecution is asking for 3 and a half years for Moretti

The Florence prosecutor’s office has asked for a sentence of 3 years and 6 months for the entrepreneur Giorgio Moretti, accused of having caused the collapse of the Klab gym. A lighter sentence – 2 years and 4 months – was requested for the other defendant, Mauro Cinti, chairman of the board of directors of […]

Turnaround in the Lustenauer Ried murder case? Lawyer announces a bang – V + –

German Bertsch, defense attorney for the alleged main perpetrator in the violent crime against Janine G., speaks for the first time of a certain exoneration for his client. The death of Janine G., the 30-year-old Dornbirn woman who was found lifeless in a Riedgraben in Lustenau after a violent crime on March 5, continues to […]

after hearing the witnesses, even grandmother Marisa

A crowd of journalists and cameras welcomed the start of the trial for the death of Laura Ziliani, the former Local Police officer (55) who disappeared in Temù in May one year ago and was found lifeless the following summer. Paola and Silvia Zani, two of the three daughters of Laura Ziliani, and Mirto Milani, […]

the owners negotiate two years

On May 3, 2021, the young mother Luana D’Orazio died crushed by a warper she worked on in a textile company in Prato. A terrible death, that of the 22-year-old, for which the family has never stopped asking for justice. Today, Thursday 27 October, the public prosecutor accepted the request for a two-year plea deal […]

Compensation process: son of cancer patient sues botch pharmacist Regional

Essen – “I’m still very angry today.” That says Garip Eroglu (35), whose mother Aslihan died of cancer in 2013 at the age of 55. She also apparently received adulterated cancer drugs from Bottrop’s botched pharmacist Peter S. (51). While he is serving a twelve-year prison sentence and is never allowed to work as a […]

New refugee crisis feared: Tough concept for the Balkan route! | politics

New refugee crisis feared | Hard-hitting concept for the Balkan route! Declaration of war on the unscrupulous people smugglers! Die refugee figures via the Balkan route are increasing rapidly (19,160 irregular arrivals in September – twice as many as in the same month last year). Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (52, SPD) therefore invited to the […]