Antonio Banderas creates a television production company and signs María Casado

What of Antonio Banderas and María Casado has been a crush’ television whose last chapter was written yesterday with the announcement, by the actor, of the creation of a production company for the development of television projects linked to the activity of his Soho Theater CaixaBank, located in Malaga, and the signing as head of […]

Oil at a balance price sinks the economy of large producers | Markets

The historical bite of the Covid-19 at the price of oil, until it was quoted negatively, has claimed more victims than the companies in the sector. The countries that pump the most oil have seen how the coronavirus has paralyzed economic activity, displacements in dozens of countries that have decreed confinement and, ultimately, the demand […]

“The word” culture “gradually began to serve electoral aims”

How do we understand the transition to deconfinement? What has been encountered “while” that we want to keep “after”? Release asked Said Ben Said, film producer. “Why has the word culture changed its meaning? It’s a mystery. It has nothing to do with art. One of the few messages from Franck Riester during confinement was […]

Judge withdraws $ 6.9 million from producer Michael Jackson

A court of appeals of California (USA) gave the reason this Tuesday to the managers of the heritage of Michael Jackson and withdrew 6.9 million dollars that the producer Quincy Jones claimed for the rights of subjects such as “Billie Jean” and “Thriller ». The judge ruled that the previous court misinterpreted a contract in […]

At war with boredom: puffs, punkettes and pyromaniac moods

1 – With federations Made by Coppola to fill the financial gap left by the revolutionary Heart stroke, Cotton club (1984) is even more underestimated. Silenced by some as a whim of producer in collapse (Robert Evans), by others as a winding attempt to reiterate the historic success of the Godfather, the film is seen […]

Happy Mondays, very Barbados trip – Culture / Next

The year is 1989: Manchester has been wiped off the map. The rainy and gray city of the north of England, which saw the birth of Joy Division and the Smiths, has been demolished, disintegrated, replaced by Madchester, silly twin, where ecstasy is swallowed by full handles and where the rhythm does not descends further […]

Fiona Apple, the DIY arena

Sure Fetch the Bolt Cutters (“Bring back the bolt cutters”), composed in the interior of her house, Fiona Apple borrows little from outside. But this title quote came from elsewhere and opens all doors. This is a sentence from an episode of the police series The fall, pronounced by the investigator played by Gillian Anderson […]