Syriza defeated, Greece turns the page Tsípras

White shirt and red rose in hand, Aléxis Tsípras showed up on Sunday morning all smiles to vote in a school in the Athenian popular district of Kypséli, where the Greek Prime Minister still lives, having always refused to move under the gold of the Republic after his party’s historic victory four years ago. But […]

Five Features to Increase Productivity – Samsung Newsroom Chile

The firms expanded their collaboration to offer new technologies that enhance the connected experiences between Galaxy smartphones and Windows PCs. Today we need devices that are as flexible as our daily lives, so that we can work, study and connect as we want and wherever we are. To this end, Samsung and Microsoft have expanded […]

How many companies are there in your locality?

30/03/2015 05:00 – Updated: 04/21/2015 8:42 PM It may be surprising that a website town hall dedicate a section to promotion of the companies installed in its territory, but Alesón has plenty of reasons for it. This small Riojan town of 117 inhabitants concentrates the largest business density from the country. Located next to Nájera […]

Sleep, an effective medicine | The Miami Herald

Sleep, like hunger, is linked to our biological clock, located in the hypothalamus. Not sleeping the right hours, that is to say, seven to eight hours, has dangerous consequences for the brain. Lack of sleep contributes to cognitive damage, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. Along with the hours, the quality of sleep is very important. […]

Shortages extend to drugs

Faced with the unprecedented scale of the crisis and the influx of patients, stocks are running out. First those of protective masks. Then the reagents used in the Covid-19 diagnostic tests. And respirators, whose production is struggling to keep up with demand. Little by little, everything necessary for hospitalization and treatment of patients is running […]