The stock exchange day on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

In the end it became a profit after a long, tough trade. Of the Dax went out of the market with an increase of 0.6 percent at 12,311 points. Of the MDax won 0.7 percent on 25,840 points, the TecDax 1.9 percent to 2954 jobs. With the EuroStoxx50 it went up 0.3 percent to 3240 […]

Block the cold of the size of a “volleyball” falls in Argentina

Block the cold of the size of a “volleyball” falls in Argentina Friday – 8 Ramadan 1441 e – 01 May 2020 W number [ 15130] Block the record Cairo: Hazem Bader Hit a thunderstorm piercing the center of “Villa Carlos Paz” Argentina about two years ago with a Cold, found a research team, an […]

“These-the 19″… a good reason to tell Argentina again defaulted on its debt

“Monetary Fund” predicts the economy contracted by 5.7 % during the current year Suggested the Argentine economy from the announcement of the deficit in the payment of premiums to the benefits of international loans due in two weeks, a prospect that threatens to revive its old reputation as a state suffered from the failures of […]

Chile criticizes the intervention of Argentina in their internal affairs

Santiago – “the Middle East”, said the Ministry of foreign affairs in Chile it’s “surprised” by the statements made by the president of the Argentine Alberto Fernandez, who met recently with the leaders of opposition, the cello, the middle of it “for his intervention in the internal affairs of Chile”. It was Fernandez who belongs […]

Long way to the agreement between Argentina and creditors

Long way to the agreement between Argentina and creditors Buenos Aires looks {fan} in the negotiations of restructuring the debt of $ 65 million Thursday – 12 August 1441 e – 04 June 2020 M No. Justice [ 15164] Stop Argentine economy minister to be through negotiations with the creditors long (Reuters) Buenos Aires: “the […]

Discover frog moving back to two million years in Argentina

Discover frog moving back to two million years in Argentina Wednesday – 18 August 1441 e. June 10, 2020 W number [ 15170] Frogs prehistoric London: “Middle East” At a depth of 44 metres by drilling water wells in the San Pedro, 180 km north of Buenos Aires, scientists discovered its Argentinean citizens the fossilized […]

Richemont in Corona “tsunami” sales collapse

Richemont brand Lange & Söhne In the 2019/20 fiscal year ended at the end of March, the corona crisis was already reflected in subdued growth and lower margins. (Photo: dpa) Zurich The corona virus pandemic is leaving deep marks on the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. In the first three months of 2020, consolidated sales […]

Sony expects profit slump – Playstation 5 is coming for Christmas

Tokyo Sony chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki had good news for video game fans and investors this Wednesday: “Preparations for Playstation 5 are on schedule,” said the vice president of the electronics and entertainment company at the group’s press conference in Tokyo. This means that the game console will probably be able to hit the […]

Corona crisis causes high loss in electronics business

Sony Showrrom in Tokyo The operating loss in the electronics division rose by around half to around 60 billion yen (512 million euros). (Photo: dpa) Tokyo Sony’s electronics business has been hard hit by the corona crisis. As a result, the division’s operating profit was about 35.1 billion yen lower last quarter, Sony estimated on […]