We need to talk to Putin before it’s too late

US researcher: Moscow must not be pushed into a state of strategic despair… Kiev cannot be allowed to reckless Scholar Simon Servati, professor of foreign relations at Old Dominion University in the US, believes that Russia will certainly be the main loser in the war against Ukraine, regardless of what happens next, but the need […]

Flaubert Camel Herder | The Middle East

“East” is an ambiguous term without limits or definitions. There is the Near, Middle, and Far East, each with its own geographical definition of legend, magic, and dubious trade. “By the East” may mean Chinese wisdom and Confucius, or “One Thousand and One Nights” and the vulgarity of the nights. And as soon as you […]

Did Germany burn the quilt «Brotherhood»?

Did the German state wake up after decades of slumber in the lap of the Muslim Brotherhood? We know that Germany, like Switzerland and Britain, are among the first immigrants of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Western world.The German embrace of the “Brotherhood” is old, especially the Brotherhood of Egypt and Syria, as is the […]

funny trade | The Middle East

Art Beckwald was the undisputed prince of humorous writing in the American press in the last century. His column in the “Washington Post” was published at the same time in 550 publications around the world. In a new autobiographical book, “Funny Trade: The Legendary Life of Art Backwald,” a re-history of a man who has […]

Germany… a “turning point” for the Gulf

Schulz visits the region next week, and calls in Berlin to support “legitimacy” in Yemen The Ukrainian war awakened Germany from its long slumber since the end of World War II, when it proceeded to reduce its army to its lowest capabilities. That war also awakened her from another slumber she entered following the division […]

NASA’s Webb Telescope may be seriously wrong

A new study in the United States has found that the information monitored by the James Webb Space Telescope (named after the former director of NASA) could be tainted by severe errors in the study of space worlds, but not as a result of a defect in the Efficient equipment and devices on board. This […]

Solar Orbiter captures the reflection of the sun’s magnetic field

The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter (ESA) may have picked up evidence of reversals in the Sun’s magnetic field, reinforcing a theory about how this well-known but mysterious phenomenon occurs. On March 25, the Solar Orbiter passed inside the orbit of Mercury to take close-up pictures of the sun. Using a device (to monitor the […]

A dense stellar nursery that may feed on a cosmic spiral of stars

It turns out that a cosmic spiral ring of stars may be feeding a dense cosmic engine responsible for the birth of stars in a nearby galaxy, according to a recent research in which scientists used the “Hubble Space Telescope” and the “Very Large Telescope” of the “European Southern Observatory” that focuses On a dense […]

This is how the arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi took place

Al-Atiri: When he was arrested, he asked me to shoot him in the head When the war broke out in Libya, and led to the fall of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his death, Al-Ajami Al-Atiri was holding the position of battalion commander in the militia of the city of Zintan, located southwest […]

The Saudi index returns to decline amid the decline of 3 major sectors

The main Saudi stock index ended the first session of the week in the red zone, and closed down 12.83 points, or 0.1 percent, to close at 11,975.14 points, with transactions worth 5.1 billion riyals ($1.36 billion), and the volume of traded shares reached 152 million shares, shared by more than 310 Thousands of transactions, […]