Darío Barassi, before starting his new program: “Television is recontra alive”

The actor Darío Barassi, who after the success of “100 Argentines say” returns today to the eltrece screen to host the entertainment program “Ahora caigo”, assured that “television is alive again, has potential and generates an empathy that is not has another way.” “20 years ago they have been saying that TV is dead and […]

The finalists of the program “Latvijas sirdsdziesma” are known

The closing concert of the seventh season of “Latvijas sirdsdziesmas” in Lielvārde is here! On June 17, the audience’s favorite 15 artists will meet on stage – among them last year’s winner Aija Legzdiņa, Viktors Zemgals, the group “Klaidonis”, “Dobeles zemessargi”, the group “Muiža”, Harijs Joniškans, Santa Kasparsone and other great artists, as well as […]

Mininter includes former judge César Hinostroza in the Rewards Program

S/ 150,000 is offered for information that contributes to the location and capture of the former magistrate. The Ministry of the Interior (Mininter), through the Rewards Program, offers an economic benefit of S/ 150,000 for relevant information that contributes to the location and capture of former Supreme Judge César Hinostroza, accused of being one of […]

ProAgricultor launches new training program | Companies | Business

ProAgricultor, a virtual education platform of free access and with which producers, agro-industrialists and techniciansamong others, can be trained in agricultural sustainability and improve their economy, launched a new model focused on the coexistence between agriculture and biodiversity. (Vea: The Seine has 50,000 places to study: programs and how to enroll). With this intends to […]

Controversy over Planned Costs of New Transit Station for Asylum Seekers

The SVP parliamentary group is not fundamentally against a new replacement building, said spokesman Philip C. Brunner. But: The planned costs of 12.5 million francs are too high given that it is a transit station. While some school children are being taught in temporary accommodation, the canton in Steinhausen is planning a “luxury building […]

China highlights openness of its space program

China shows openness space program with the construction of the orbital station Tiangong (Heavenly Palace), said the director of management technologies of the manned missions program of the Asian country, Li Yingliang. «The study of space and the development of space technologies is a common task of humanity, that is why the construction of the […]

Germany and Russia close multiple embassies: Political tensions escalate

From the end of the year, Russia will only be allowed to operate the embassy in Berlin and another of the five consulates general so far, said a spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin on Wednesday. The Russian government has “taken a step of escalation” by limiting the total German presence in […]

New program “MP protects the elderly” has served 696 people since April

Prosecutor’s Office created and enabled the telephone number 0-800-3RA-EDAD (0800-372-3323) to receive complaints / Photo: Tal Cual The attorney general imposed by the extinct constituent, Tarek William Saab, reported that the Public Ministry created a new program to serve the elderly; which is called The Public Ministry protects the elderly and with which 696 people […]