We test four blenders per spin and choose the best one | Showcase

Our expert has chosen Princess 203040 As the best of the four blenders analyzed because it is the one that offers the best price-performance ratio, ensuring a very successful texture in juices. The human body needs good hydration to avoid tiredness, weakness or dizziness. A hydration that, above all, must be monitored with increasing temperatures, […]

Now yes: Lautaro Martínez already tries the Barcelona shirt

Finally, Lautaro Martínez’s pass to Barcelona is about to be finalized. The Argentine attacker will arrive at the Messi team for a record figure of 111 million euros. The information shows that in cash the Catalan club will deliver 60 million to Inter Milan. The rest will be provided by the transfer of two players, […]

Validation and reliability of the COVID-19 BIOZEK rapid test

Advertorial Updated:05/13/2020 13:34 save The validation and general specificity of the rapid test Biozek it has 98% for IgG and 96% for IgM, which is a benchmark for rapid antibody tests. Additional research is currently underway at various university hospitals, including the University of Amsterdam Medical Center. Globally reliable data relevant to antibody levels in […]

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Video Interview | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here The big day has come. You finally have that interview for the job you want so much and it is, by grace (or misfortune) of fate, through a video conference. From your house. You prepare yourself mentally, review your speech and […]

China reports successful return of prototype spaceships

C.hina’s new spacecraft prototype returned to Earth “successfully” on Friday, according to the authorities. The Chinese space agency said that the spaceship had landed safely at the designated place. It was confirmed on site that the cabin structure was intact. The “Long March 5B” rocket lifted off the Wenchang spaceport on the south Chinese island […]

Renan Lodi, positive; nine other athletic footballers were also in contact with the disease

CARLOS GUISASOLA | FRANCISCO CABEZAS Madrid | Barcelona Updated Friday, 8 may 2020 –23:20 The 22-year-old Brazilian has no symptoms and remains in quarantine, although he must pass two PCR tests to return. Lodi, last October, during a match against Leverkusen.REUTERS Test.No positives at Real Madrid and Barcelona album.Without going through the shower or changing […]

No evidence of immunity after coronavirus infection

EAccording to the World Health Organization (WHO), immunity after a overcome infection with the novel coronavirus has not been proven: “There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from Covid-19 and have the antibodies are protected from a second infection The World Health Organization said in Geneva on Saturday. The organization warned that […]

Challenge yourself (II): imitate a painting

Surely during this quarantine more than one has made virtual visits to exhibitions and museums. To discover new works or contemplate your favorite paintings. In our second challenge, we test your artistic knowledge. In the memorization game below there are fourfamous pictorial works.You have tomatch in less than a minute the two images that complete […]

Challenge yourself (III): find the differences

Who has never playedfind the differences in an image. So we have chosen this game for the third challenge in quarantine days. These photographs have been taken by journalists during the coronavirus crisis.Find out where the differences are: the image below is the original and in the upper one you have to doclickin the cut […]