Early propaganda outside the context of the Iraqi election law

September 22, 2023 Baghdad/Al-Masala Al-Hadath: Early electoral propaganda is being monitored in Iraq, in violation of the propaganda regulations regulated by the Iraqi election law. Some politicians and parties exploit their influence and money to bypass the laws, by purchasing media outlets and spreading unlicensed electoral propaganda, or using force and threats to prevent opponents […]

Critics consider the Russian history textbook propaganda and preparation for war

On the eve of the beginning of the academic year, 650,000 copies of the “New History” textbook for the 11th grade were distributed to schools in Russia and Ukraine occupied by Russia. “The 1970s to 2000s section has been completely redesigned”– nationalist assistant of President Vladimir Putin, former Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky he said […]

Somalia bans TikTok and Telegram to counter “terrorist” propaganda

The Somali government on Sunday issued a ban on TikTok, Telegram and a gambling website because it says these platforms are “used by terrorists for propaganda purposes”. The decision comes ahead of the second phase of the military offensive against the radical Islamist organization al-Shabaab, which has been waging a bloody insurgency against the central […]

Russia’s Tsargrad TV channel blocked in Kazakhstan due to propaganda of extremism

In Kazakhstan, the Russian website of the Tsargrad Internet TV channel has been blocked. This was reported on August 17 by several Kazakh media with reference to the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic. It is noted that the site was blocked by decision for inciting hatred. The Ministry of Information explained […]

Russian Actors in Bundeswehr Uniform Spread Embarrassing Propaganda in Video

In one video, Russian actors in Bundeswehr uniform storm a house and hang up a portrait of Zelenskiy. Embarrassing propaganda. A Russian actress as a Bundeswehr soldier, scene from the video “Heil Zelensky” Photo: Youtube/taz Screenshot BERLIN taz | With a family of three, the peace and tranquility in a supposedly sleepy German town is […]

Unusual images of the celebration of May Day in Cuba

A woman covered in a dress made of tobacco leaves, some workers with a rolling tray with a cake, sweets and soft drinks, other adults dressed as “pioneers”, a trio of people dressed as grooms, or a tiny coffin carried by two workers with obituaries for Trump and Biden… These are some of the bizarre […]