The list of cities where the housing tax on the second home is increased by up to 60%

Rewrite this contentIn tense areas, municipalities can apply a tax on vacant housing to limit seasonal rentals. AdobeStockCities located in tight areas can decide to increase the housing tax by up to 60% on unoccupied second homes.Cities located in tight areas can apply a tax on vacant housing to limit seasonal rental. But they can […]

Will what takes a long time finally be good?

Municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia Many owners wanted to save themselves the trip to a tax consultant or lawyer when it came to property tax, but then failed because of the complex computer programs. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Due to a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in 2018, the property values ​​for the assessment of real […]

Despite the extension of the deadline: No all-clear for the property tax return

Despite the extension of the deadline No all-clear for the property tax return A guest contribution by Michael Bormann 10/23/2022, 06:35 am Property owners now have until January 31, 2023 to file their property tax returns. But that shouldn’t be a reason to put off the necessary information for the tax office. Because the lead […]

The property tax return can be made later

EIn fact, owners of private property in the south-west have more time to submit their property tax returns. Actually, the so-called declaration of determination must be submitted by the end of October. The finance ministry in Stuttgart announced that the reminders to defaulting property owners would not be sent out by the tax offices until […]

Property tax return: This is how homeowners submit it – without despairing

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What advantage the property tax reform offers despite the chaos

Ifo-Chef Clemens Fuest The President of the ifo Institute considers the property tax reform to be “unnecessarily complicated”. He puts his hope in the states, which may implement the law better than the federal government. Mr. Fuest, Elster breakdowns, incomprehensible tax returns, obtaining umpteen documents: quite a few taxpayers capitulate before filling out the new […]

Property taxes will rise sharply in 2022: For farmers and homeowners

“Anyone who does not want important trade tax payers to migrate will first of all increase the property tax,” says Mattias Schneider, head of the Government & Public Services department at the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY), in the summer of 2021 to the media portal Heise. While in the years between 2014 and […]

2022 census: “Contradiction is important”

In an interview, attorney Frank Grossenbach, a member of the Lawyers for Enlightenment, explains where the suspicion of censuses comes from, what the burden sharing is all about and what conditions citizens should set. The 2022 census is still running, millions of people have received the questionnaires and access data – which are viewed critically. […]

Anies Baswedan Frees Land and Building Tax for Houses Under Rp 2 Billion, PKB: Never Thinking

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the PKB (National Awakening Party)-PPP (United Development Party) faction for the DKI Jakarta Regional People’s Representative Council, Hasbiallah Ilyas, believes that the DKI government’s revenue will decrease with the enactment of the Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax exemption (PBB-P2) for private homes with selling value tax object (NJOP) […]