The 20-year-old fortune teller who accurately hit the death of the Queen of England made 12 more predictions: the former US presidential candidate will be imprisoned | International | CTWANT

The 20-year-old fortune teller Hannah Carroll, who accurately predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year, has made 12 more predictions for 2023. Among them, the former US presidential candidate, the hip-hop king “Ken Ye” (Ye), will face prison. This news has spread all over the media, and more things about him will surface. […]

40 percent of vacation fraud is on Facebook: Profeco | Newscast Mexico

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp cover 40 percent of fraud for the sale of vacation packages, which corresponds to 53 of 130 of these crimes committed so far this year, as reported by the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco). The others 77 fraudulent links detected by the agency refer to Internet pages. Of the total represented […]

A chilling omen! He predicted the death of Elizabeth, has a date for the king as well

Although Logan Smith’s Twitter account is currently unavailable, according to the website, followers did not miss his last prophecy. It concerns the still uncrowned King Charles III., for whom he determined not only the date of death but also its cause! Biggest royal scandals: “My team of experts came to the conclusion that Charles […]

An Indian prodigy was slapped in the face by a Taiwanese numerologist! 6 words to crack the prophecy insider network thinks of the Russian-Ukrainian war-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

“Indian prodigy” Anand (Abhigya Anand) once predicted that there will be major changes in financial investment and other markets in March and April this year, and warned that financial bubbles should be careful before May. In this regard, Taiwanese fortune-teller Amanda disagreed and said that finance will definitely bubble, but the time has not yet […]

Indian prodigy hits again!Taiwan’s 6.6-strong earthquake exploded today, pay attention to these two days in April-Life-Zhongshi News Network

Anand, an Indian prodigy, predicted that God would be right. He once hit the Russian-Ukrainian war caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and geopolitical conflicts. He reminded him to pay special attention to natural disasters before April this year, and Taiwan suffered a 6.6-magnitude earthquake early this morning. Many people in Being shaken awake […]