The NBA begins on December 22 | NBA

The start of the 2020/2021 NBA season already has half a sanction, nothing more and nothing less than the endorsement of the players. In a meeting held remotely between some representatives with the executive director of the NBPA (players guild), Michele Roberts, approved the date of December 22 as the start of the new campaign, […]

Iohannis’s counselor commits it again. What does it propose?

Sandra Pralong (state counselor in the Presidential Administration responsible for relations with the diaspora) proposed the installation of webcams in the villages, hoping that they will create an attachment to the country. “First of all, the Internet in the villages, maybe we put cameras in front of the objectives in each village, so that Romanians […]

ADSE: Proposal tries to halt escape to the free regime – Civil Service

The new rule foresees, which is contained in the still preliminary proposal of ADSE, that “doctors attached at any time to an existing agreement between ADSE and a provider, in the places covered by the convention, and for a specific specialty, cannot perform acts to beneficiaries of ADSE under free regime, to be reimbursed by […]

Working on Underground Mining, Freeport Provides Rp 19.1 Trillion

JAKARTA, – PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is focusing on developing underground mines (undergeound mine) Grasberg. This was done considering that the existing reserves in open mines (open pit) Grasberg. PTFI President Director Tony Wenas admitted that currently the company’s production capacity is only 60 percent of normal conditions, because reserves are in open pit […]

Up, July RI Foreign Exchange Reserves Reached 135.1 Billion US Dollars

JAKARTA, – The position of Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves at the end of July 2020 increased. Bank Indonesia (BI) noted that Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves in July reached 135.1 billion US dollars. This number increased compared to the position at the end of June 2020 amounting to 131.7 billion US dollars. Executive Director of […]

We do not want socialism, but that the rich contribute more: Morena

Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, National leader of Morena, assured that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not disqualify his proposal because he never suggested publicizing the people’s heritage; instead he said that he does seek that the Inegi, by constitutional mandate, measure the concentration of wealth and generate public policies to end inequality. “The President […]

We analyze three vertical ironing centers to use at home | Showcase

Our expert has chosen the model Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 / 30 as the best ironing center of the three analyzed for the excellent results it offers when ironing clothes. One of the tasks that can be more tedious at home is ironing. Furthermore, not everyone performs equally and possesses the same skills when picking […]