Do you know how to detect prostate cancer? – The Sun of Toluca

Up to 65% of new cases of prostate cancer are detected in patients over 65 years of age, and in most of these detections the disease is at an advanced stage, which is why it is recommended that men from 40 years of age undergo periodic medical check-ups, in order to detect this and other […]

Bert Visscher has prostate cancer, canceled a number of shows

RTV North In cooperation with RTV North NOS News•Tuesday, 13:46 Bert Visscher has prostate cancer. The agent of the 62-year-old comedian from Groningen says that the disease is in an early stage, RTV Noord reports. Visscher will undergo treatments in the coming weeks. That is why a number of performances have been canceled and moved […]

Ivan Wolffers was ‘world champion prostate cancer’, but after 20 years the disease won

Werry Crone NOS News•Friday, 13:10•Amended Friday, 16:34 Thick Verkuil editor Online Thick Verkuil editor Online Writer, professor and health activist Ivan Wolffers has died at the age of 74. He had had prostate cancer for almost twenty years. He passed away this morning, surrounded by his loved ones, his publishing house De Arbeiderspers reports. Wolffers […]

IMSS suggests blood tests and exploration for cancer detection

With information from National Institute of Public Health (INSP), it is known that in Mexico, prostate cancer is the deadliest among men, with almost 10 deaths per 100,000 Mexicans; The same behavior is observed in Latin America, which registers 413,000 new cases and 85,000 deaths each year. The trouble urinating every moment, even during the […]

Ultrasound can fight prostate cancer with few side effects – healing practice

Prostate cancer treatment without chemo, radiation and surgery A procedure with high-intensity focused Ultrasonic enables non-invasive, according to a recent study treatment of prostate cancer with fewer side effects than traditional methods. researchers of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York (USA) as part of a clinical phase 2 study proves that one non-invasive […]

Prostate cancer: medical and technological advances with an eye on awareness

VALENCIA. The doctors John Casanovahead of the urology department Valencian Institute of Oncology Foundation (IVO), Miguel Rodrigoits counterpart in the Castellon General Hospitaly Miguel Angel Climentclinical head of the service of Medical Oncology at the IVO, shared at the informative breakfast organized by Valencia Square Regarding prostate cancer, one of the realities that exemplifies the […]