A protest in Nador in solidarity with the expelled guard workers

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan Federation of Labor wrote to the health representative before the end of the previous contract for guard workers, with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition of these workers to the new union bloc, but this request was not responded to. The Moroccan Federation of Labor in Nador has […]

China’s new map distorts facts, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India protest

The “2023 Standard Map” newly released by the Chinese government includes Taiwan, the South China Sea Islands, and the Arunachal Province and the Aksaikhin region where China and India have territorial disputes into China’s territory, causing Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines protests. The responses of these countries to the new version of the map […]

Aligarh Muslim University students protest over worm outbreak in food

Resentment from continuous occurrence twice a week, demand for improved food Aligarh. August 28: Aligarh Muslim University has reported a second consecutive case of food poisoning in the last one week. A few days ago, in the ward number eight of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, insects were found in the food given to […]

Police kidnap young people to “dismantle” any protest against the robbery of the UCA

The kidnappings of four student leaders, after the confiscation of the Central American University (UCA), is part of a regime strategy to implant “fear” and dismantle any attempt to protest in the student community. Those who dare to claim “the theft of their university” risk being imprisoned, they consider leaders of student movements in exile. […]

Argentina honors Frits Barend and Freek de Jonge to protest regime

Frits Barend (76) received the award for his work as a journalist during the World Cup in Argentina in 1978. Simultaneously with the opening ceremony of the football tournament, Barend decided to go to the Plaza de Mayo to speak with the so-called ‘foolish mothers’ . These women gathered weekly to draw attention to relatives […]

Dolls to laugh, learn, dream, protest

From 19th century comics to today’s webtoons, numerous transformations and ramifications have strengthened a genre that delights both children and adults. Graduated from the San GerĂ³nimo University College, with a degree in Management and Preservation of Cultural Historical Heritage, Lysbeth Daumont Robles directs the Vitrina de Wallonia, where the only library specialized in existing comics […]

March with incidents in Argentina to protest the death of a former member of the FARC

Buenos Aires, Aug 11 (EFE).- Members of left-wing political, social and union organizations mobilized this Friday in Buenos Aires to demand the death of an Argentine photojournalist and former member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a march which ended with incidents. Thousands of people gathered around the capital’s Obelisk, in the center […]

Climate activists want to block shipping in Basel

Early on Friday morning, climate activists tried to block shipping at the Dreirosen Bridge in Basel. Climate activists abseil down the Dreirosen Bridge in Basel. – keystone Ad the essentials in brief In Basel, climate activists tried to block shipping traffic, in particular to disrupt oil transport across the Rhine. Climate activists tried to block […]