Peace without family – Culture / Next

Here is an album which should make smile in the cottages. “Leave me alone” are the words that parents and children ruminate on during this confined period. A barely muffled cry against those we love and hate at the same time. It is also the title of this album written and illustrated by Galia Bernstein. […]

Damien Hirst, on the psychiatrist’s couch

Polished NativityFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/16/2020 01: 37h save Damien Hirst has more lives than a cat. When everyone presumes him for dead (artistically, of course), he knows how to reinvent himself with spectacular blows and resurrect. To their 54 years, East “enfant terrible retired and looking like a taxi driver from Romford ”, as he is […]

The rehabilitation of the “destroyer of the worlds” Robert Oppenheimer

“What is wrong with trying to judge Oppenheimer for his betrayals?” Nicknamed “The father of the atomic bomb”, the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) was the scientific director of the Manhattan project from which the first atomic bombs produced in the laboratory of Los Alamos, in New Mexico, were produced. On August 6 and 9, […]

The men of Anna Wintour’s life | People and Famous

Anna Wintour is usually very discreet about her private life. But, from time to time, the director of the American edition of Vogue offers the odd detail. The Kendall Jenner model has been the last to get Wintour, 70, forget for a moment his rigid professional facet to talk more relaxed about his more personal […]

Don’t push baby in the comp

“Exposing young children to screens is a public health problem.” The statement slams. Especially falling from a study published by the agency Public Health France in its weekly epidemiological bulletin of January 14. Especially since this conclusion is shared by a team of international researchers who released this Wednesday its work on the impact of […]