The AECC and 18 other entities meet with Spanish MEPs to transfer priorities in the fight against cancer | Leader in Social Information

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) held a meeting on Monday with Spanish MEPs from the BECA Commission (Beating Cancer) in which other entities from the oncology field were present, such as patient associations, health professional organizations and also scientific societies, to convey to them the priorities that must be established in the fight against […]

50% of the neighbors agree to renovate (Graph)

The resource of BGN 1.4 billion will be divided into two – for small and large blocks To avoid neighborly wars, a new rule is being created especially for redevelopment – an owners’ association will be able to register with only 50% plus one vote of all apartment owners in a residential building and it […]

Twitter: ‘Report Tweet’ available at global level

Twitter implemented a system in the United States designed to improve the process of flagging offensive or dangerous content on the site. The test was a success, with the number of actionable reports increasing by 50 percentprompting the company to remove more malicious posts. Now, Twitter you are using this system to update your function […]

Tasks | Inventory building | Berlin State Library

The responsibilities of the Collection Development and Metadata include: Head and Deputy Head of Department future development and enhancements of the collection development policy coordination of the library’s acquisitions coordination of agreements with suppliers overall responsibility for the functional support of the local library system (LBS/ACQ) and the digitisation software Kitodo future developments of cataloguing […]

5 functions to make money on Instagram if you are an influencer

If you’re an influencer, use these tips to monetize your posts. Photo: Pixabay Don’t know how to monetize your social media posts? Instagram continues to make adjustments to its platform to generate new opportunities for income for its users. You may be interested in reading: The new WhatsApp features that are already available “Our goal […]

Error detected in Facebook algorithm on verified information

AFP San Francisco / 31.03.2022 23:07:34 Content identified as misleading or problematic was mistakenly highlighted to Facebook users in recent months due to a computer problem that took a semester to be repaired, reported the specialized site The Verge. The article published on Thursday “It greatly exaggerates the magnitude of the problem, which in the […]

Bachelor of Teaching English – Online Education

Overall objective To train professionals in the teaching of English, with high social and humanistic value, capable of solving the existing demands for teaching in this language at various educational, labor and productive levels in Mexico and the world. Curriculum Strengths The Study Plan meets the professionalization needs of the English teacher in Mexico under […]

Radical tenderness – as an approach to political education

Radical tenderness – as an approach to political education, critical activism and transformative learning. For multipliers in political education, ESD and global learning and committed people who want to reflect on their political (educational) work. In cooperation with the concept work for a new economy. reading tip Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education Calm, embarrassed […]

Working with 2H | Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education

January starts with us with inquiries, planning, consultation and concepts. Some order the books for the whole year this month. Many partners, independent sponsors, but also people from next door are looking for a particularly intensive conversation, especially in these times. The conversation often begins with the sentence: “I can be quite frank with you…” […]