Not Trump or the US, Xi Jinping & Putin are predicted to lead the world

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There is an interesting prediction from one of the observers that was published in Washington Post then quoted CNN International. In the observer’s writing, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will take over world leadership and change the global order. This prediction was delivered by David Ignatius, a […]

Putin’s Russia – Blessed by God and every man

Apparently so is all in the most beautiful order of Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The referendum on the new constitution, which ended Wednesday, provided an overwhelming majority of 78 percent for the changes to the law, and 65 percent of voters voted. Both the majority and the turnout are of a solid Putin standard. The result […]

constitutional reform approved, Putin president for life (or almost)

Posted on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 09h36 By AFP The Russians have validated the constitutional revision to 77.92%, notably authorizing Vladimir Putin to remain in power until 2036, according to a final count released on Thursday. This result is qualified by the opposition as a “lie”. After counting 100% of the vote, the vote […]

Russian constitutional reform: Putin’s drastic methods pay off

EA woman is sitting on the trunk edge of her white compact car, in front of her is a small camping table and a plastic box filled with documents; then a huge stump with a paper mess on it, next to it a man with the standard of the Russian President; in another part of […]

Gerhard Schröder puts on a strange show in the Bundestag

DGerhard Schröder’s least credible sentence has nothing to do with Russian gas or American sanctions. “I am no longer part of active politics, which I only regret to a limited extent,” claims the former Chancellor when he appeared on the Bundestag’s Economic Committee. But you can see Schröder that he actually enjoys being part of […]

Russian referendum: Putin can remain president until 2036

In the controversial plebiscite, Russian President Putin has been allowed to stay on until 2036. 77.9 percent agreed on Wednesday to amend the Russian constitution, which, among other things, stipulates that Putin can stay on. That is the opinion of the Central Election Commission of Russia after counting all the votes, reports news agency Interfax. […]

Three-quarters of Russian voters approve of Putin’s stay in the Kremlin

Updates: 01.07.2020 21:01 Released: 01.07.2020, 18:59 Moscow – After counting the votes from almost 40 percent of the constituencies, more than 75 percent of voters approved changes to the Russian constitution, TASS reported, citing data from the Central Election Commission. About a quarter of the referendum voted against the changes in the basic law, which […]