Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Test Results Revealed, How Fast is It?

Jakarta – After the leak circulated, the official test results Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 officially released. How tight is the new chip Qualcomm this? Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 bringing improvements over its predecessor. Even though it still uses 4nm fabrication, the Kryo CPU adopts the latest ARM V9 architecture which promises a 35% increase in […]

Cellular modem campus: Apple invests $445 million in San Diego

With the purchase of a 67-hectare campus, Apple apparently intends to massively expand its location in San Diego, southern California. A special feature with regard to the iPhone is that, according to a report in the local newspaper, work has so far been done on cell phone modem chips. Turning away from the supplier Qualcomm […]

Bosch invests three billion in chip production

Machine for plating wafers with gold The development center in Dresden is to be massively expanded. (Photo: dpa) Stuttgart, Munich The new Bosch boss Stefan Hartung is speeding up the expansion of the semiconductor division. “We will invest three billion euros in our chip production by 2026,” said the Bosch boss, who has been in […]

AT&S und Apple vs. TTM Technologies, Inc. und Unimicron Technology Corp – kommentierter KW 25 Peer Group Watch PCB (Printed Circuit Board Producer & Clients)

06/25/2022, 9626 characters The weekly view is ahead: AT&S 8.01% ahead of Apple 7.68%, Semtech Corporation 4.79%, Intel 4.44%, Compeq Manufacturing 3.75%, Qualcomm Incorporated 3.4%, Ibiden Co.Ltd 2 .31%, Shinko Electric Industries -0.79%, Unimicron Technology Corp -0.86% and TTM Technologies, Inc. -1.97%. In the monthly view is ahead: Compeq Manufacturing 6.33% ahead of Apple 0.93%, […]

Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ Next Week?

Illustration of a chipset made by Qualcomm. (ANTARA/HO) JAKARTA, Qualcomm is expected to announce the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ soon and the launch might just take place next week. Yes, despite previous claims that the chipset could be delayed until the second half of the year, the latest rumors are circulating that the launch […]

Snapdragon 778G +, 695, 680 and 480+

We are preparing for the end of the year and most of the important phones have already been launched. The 2022 generations are starting to appear on the horizon through leaks, and their components are becoming official right now. Qualcomm steals the show with 4 new processors for midrange and entry level phones: Snapdragon 778G+, […]