Snapdragon 778G +, 695, 680 and 480+

We are preparing for the end of the year and most of the important phones have already been launched. The 2022 generations are starting to appear on the horizon through leaks, and their components are becoming official right now. Qualcomm steals the show with 4 new processors for midrange and entry level phones: Snapdragon 778G+, […]

Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000 info were received

We’re going to talk about 4-nanometer peak tiles with very serious computing and graphics performance. Hirdetés Digital Chat Station, one of Weibo’s and Twitter’s best-known mobile leaks, thinks it’s important to know about two important top tiles of 2022, Qualcomm and MediaTek’s own. Let’s start with Qualcom: they say the chip, called Snapdragon 898, will […]

Qualcomm and SSW Partners submit a competitive bid to Veoneer | Business

Veoneer, for its part, terminated the deal with Canadian Magna International and canceled a shareholders’ meeting to vote on approving the deal with Magna, according to a statement issued by Qualcomm and SSW Partners. SSW Partners will acquire Veoneer for $ 37 per share and then sell the Veoneer platform Arriver to its partner in […]

Not only competitors can rejoice in Huawei’s exit

Thanks to its successful in-house chips, the Chinese manufacturer has been on the podium among TSMC’s buying partners for years, but orders have plummeted to near zero in the last few quarters. The reasons have already been articulated several times by HWSW, including various restrictive measures that have hit a Chinese company in the first […]

From 2025, Intel will also manufacture Qualcomm chips

Qualcomm and Amazon will also produce semiconductors for Intel from 2025, bringing the first two large customers in the largest U.S. chip maker’s emerging contract manufacturing business, the company said on Monday. The company is expected to catch up with its Asian rivals, primarily Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Samsung, within a few years. […]

Bring back your self-designed CPU cores to Qualcomm’s new leader

Cristiano Amon is practically restoring the previously shot processor design department. Qualcomm had previously designed self-developed processor cores for its system chips, but this division was shot down a couple of years ago as ARM’s factory cores also proved to be strong enough while their licensing was much cheaper. At the same time, a change […]

Qualcomm is making a breakthrough in the PC market

Christiano Amon, the company’s president and CEO, first detailed the enhancements to the Nuvia acquired earlier this year. The plans outlined by the expert build heavily on the work of startups developing processors. In addition to PCs with strong cores, Qulacomm would make another test in the data center market, although it would do the […]

Qualcomm unveils its new Snapdragon 888 Plus processor

date of publication: June 28, 2021 20:39 GMT Update date: June 29, 2021 1:15 GMT Qualcomm unveiled, through the MWC conference in Barcelona, ​​its new processor, Snapdragon 888 Plus – Snapdragon 888 Plus. The processor comes with higher and more advanced capabilities than Source: Abanoub Sami – Erm News Qualcomm unveiled, through the MWC conference […]