In Rezé, Taste and Quality has closed

It is not the virus’ fault. Taste and quality, rue Charles Rivière, in Rezé, displays closed doors on the first day of confinement. At that time, the manager, Geoffroy Camus looked at his accounts, “All the lights were red”. So he did “The choice to close before getting into debt”. It is not that his […]

British doctors named products that lower blood sugar levels

Great Britain, Aug 18, 2020 /LIVE24/. Experts from the British Diabetes UK talked about how to use simple products to lower the risk of developing type II diabetes. According to Medikforum, experts named cinnamon as the main “sugar-reducing”. This is because it is she who is able to add sweetness to food. “Cinnamon can lower […]

On video | Camino Nuevo Barranquilla will strengthen preventive medicine

A total of 80 thousand users will benefit from the Camino Nuevo Barranquilla that advances in the old building of the Barranquilla Hospital, located in the San Roque neighborhood. The new project, which is built in an area of ​​11,019 square meters without affecting the heritage building of the current Hospital, guarantees care for users […]

Technology, engine of well-being and quality of life | Companies | Business

Beyond the daily use of computers, tablets or mobile phones, it is worth analyzing the way in which the use of new technologies has meant a revolution that directly impacts the quality of life of citizens, which has been reflected -for example- in greater opportunities of access to fundamental services such as education and health, […]

Invima alert for risk of KN95 masks with factory defect

Invima issued an alert last Thursday about the imported mask KN95 Putian Zhongjin Shoes Co Ltd, because it presents risks of “mask collapse”, “difficulties in breathing” and “adverse events on patients”. The design error was detected by the importer himself and “for this reason it requested to withdraw the product from the market.” In this […]

National Interest calls wheat export “hybrid weapon” of Russia :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov / Global Look Press Russia may use wheat export restrictions as instruments of political influence. This conclusion was made by the American magazine The National Interest. The publication notes that now Russia is the largest exporter of wheat in the world, in 2028 it is expected that it will control 20% of […]

The Supreme Court rejected the complaint of Babariko about the refusal to register as a candidate :: Politics :: RBC

Viktor Babariko (Фото: viktar.babaryka / Facebook) The Supreme Court of Belarus refused to initiate civil proceedings on the complaint filed by the ex-head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko because of the refusal of the country’s Central Election Commission to register him as a presidential candidate. The relevant definition is published on the court website. “In instituting […]