The black ones “of fire”

Oaxaca. A grotesque hand squeezed one of her buttocks hard and slapped her. Rosa María does not remember the year, but it was the eighties. I was walking down one of the main streets of the city of Oaxaca. The guy, after attacking her, ran and in the distance laughed. Helplessly, she screamed, cursed and […]

Police who killed George Floyd posted bail and was released

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office issued a notice of Chauvin’s release, after the defendant spent more than four months in that prison. However, despite the payment of the deposit, Chauvin must remain in Minneapolis until trial in which he must face charges of murder in the second and third degree, and manslaughter. It was precisely […]

Racism in the NBA? Only five coaches are African American

In recent times a debate arose in the NBA about whether there is racial discrimination in the seats. That, based on the fact that of the 30 teams in the League, only five are managed by black coaches: JB Bickerstaff (Cavaliers), Lloyd Piwerce (Hawks), Monty Williams (Suns), Dwane Casey (Pistons) and Doc Rivers ( Sixers). […]

On the left, the bet without parties of youth

The return of the left is over. It began in the heart of August with environmentalists in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis). The last round of the merry-go-round took place at Charité-sur-Loire, in Nièvre. Thinking heads met, once again, for a weekend at the Festival of Ideas – a meeting organized by former Socialist deputy Christian Paul and […]

TV duel in the US: Leading Republicans criticize Trump after a wild debate

WDuring the debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Trump had refused to condemn right-wing groups. “Who should I judge?” Trump asked the moderator on Tuesday. He also sent a two-faced message to the right-wing radical “Proud Boys”. The American head of state asked them in front of 30 million viewers: “Hold back and be […]

America first and last

Ambivalence Americans are excessive in everything. This is what makes their charm and their limits. This is also what makes them infuriating as well as lovable in our eyes. We admire them for the gigantism of their achievements and their landscapes, their cities and their ambitions (the moon, Mars …) but we also hate them […]