The Jordanian street is preoccupied with the Turkish elections… Ramadan Al-Rawashdeh comments: As if they are taking place here…!!!!!

Main View home today 5 minutes ago Watan Al-Youm – Special – Jordanian public opinion was preoccupied with the presidential and parliamentary elections taking place in Turkey. Jordanian communication platforms eagerly followed the Turkish elections, and the Jordanian street followed the results first. Communicative comments on the Jordanian public’s preoccupation with the Turkish elections, writer […]

Charity in Yemen has resulted in a tragedy, claiming at least 78 lives

The money was distributed by a charity sponsored by local merchants in the Old Town, full of narrow streets, the paper wrote The Guardian. Each visitor was supposed to receive almost ten dollars at the school, which attracted five thousand people and created a stampede. The rebel Houthi militia, which controls the city, began shooting […]

Message from the Government on the occasion of the feast of Ramadan

The acting Prime Minister invites Nigeriens to strengthen cohesion, living together and solidarityAfter 29 days of fasting, the Muslim community in Niger will celebrate tomorrow, Friday April 21, 2023, the feast of Ramadan or Eid El Fitr. Indeed, the lunar crescent marking the end of the fast was seen this evening in several localities of […]