Ruhr derby “rarest in history”

Without his ‘Yellow Wall’, but with his young stars Sancho and Haaland, Borussia Dortmund will try to tame their neighbor and rival Schalke this Saturday if they want Bayern Munich not to escape on the 26th day of the Bundesliga restart. The Ruhr derby, among the eternal yellow and blue rivals, only 30 kilometers apart, […]

The second interstellar visitor came from a very very cold place

ABC Science Madrid Updated:04/21/2020 20:44 save Related news Last year, a comet called 2I / Borisov became the second known interstellar visitor after Oumuamua, a strange cigar-shaped rock. In December, astronomers used the ALMA telescope in the Atacama desert (Chile) to directly observe, for the first time, the chemicals stored inside an object from a […]

Why is LADA Vesta the best in its class?

Vesta is a rare car today, which marketers haven’t “spoiled”. In the segment of low-cost B-class cars in the Russian market, LADA Vesta and Rio are vigorously competing with Solaris. Moreover, against the background of a flaring crisis and a rise in price of a car without improvement, the Lada is beginning to seem more […]

Australian Open 2020: The kings of the house are tyrants | sports

I did not see the games in which Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas display really embarrassing behavior during both ATP Cup matches, but today the videos have passed me and, despite being warned, I find it difficult to give credit to what I see. How far have we come today! In moments of tension during […]

It’s not an easy time for the Capricorns, but they will “take them out”

April’s “Golovomoyka” will turn into unexpected “fruits of life”. Despite the fact that nature and people slowly thaw after a difficult winter, the coming April promises a lot of events, opportunities and – related difficulties. Among the signs of the zodiac, which have innate opportunities to go through a crisis time without losses and with […]

New images of the strange bright material found on the hidden face of the Moon

ABC Science Madrid Updated:02/27/2020 02: 13h save Related news Questions continue about the mysterious material that the Chinese rover Yutu-2, of the mission Chang’e-4, he found on the surface of the moon’s hidden face. At first, he pointed to a strange “gel” of which it was claimed that more measurements would be made. The new […]

When the patient pays for the investigation of his illness | Science

What does not cover the general interest, economic or commercial, is covered by the interest of family members. They have no other. That is the situation that involves rare diseases, those that affect one person per 2,000 inhabitants. The relatives of these patients have learned that associationism is the only, or the best, way for […]