Risky bet on the recovery of the oil market

Oil production in Saudi Arabia The crude oil market is currently unpredictable. (Photo: George Steinmetz / Agency Focus) Frankfurt Once again, the OPEC oil cartel is in a difficult position: just at the moment when the producing countries want to relax their unprecedented restrictions on oil production, the number of Covid 19 cases is rising […]

Turkey threatens Greece with war – natural gas dispute escalates

A gas dispute is raging between Turkey and Greece in the Mediterranean. The provocations among each other are increasing – now Turkey is even threatening Greece with war. Photo series with 23 pictures Turkey has openly threatened Greece with a military conflict in the event of an expansion of its territorial waters in the Aegean […]

The gold boom in West Africa [2/2]

Published on : 21/08/2020 – 00:01 Second part of our series on gold mining in West Africa. The precious metal exceeded the $ 2,000 an ounce mark on international markets this summer, and the upward trend is expected to continue to the delight of West African countries that have become major producers of the metal. […]

How many companies are there in your locality?

30/03/2015 05:00 – Updated: 04/21/2015 8:42 PM It may be surprising that a website town hall dedicate a section to promotion of the companies installed in its territory, but Alesón has plenty of reasons for it. This small Riojan town of 117 inhabitants concentrates the largest business density from the country. Located next to Nájera […]

Silver exceeds $ 21 an ounce for the first time since 2014

Published on : 22/07/2020 – 00:42 It is the other precious metal safe haven for investors: silver sees its value increase even faster than gold, after the agreement of the 27 on the European stimulus plan. Silver topped $ 21 an ounce for the first time in six years. An increase of 6% in the […]

Börse Express – Study: Germany violated arms export criteria

Based on a study, Greenpeace accuses Germany of repeatedly violating export criteria in the arms export policy since 1990. The study published on Sunday by the Leibniz Institute Hessian Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research lists cases from the past 30 years in which exports ended up with problematic recipients. “Welt am Sonntag” first reported […]