Trump said about “outplaying” Obama Russia :: Politics :: RBC

According to Biden, Trump had information about “Russian rewards to the Taliban,” but he still invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to come to the United States to attend the G7 summit. Trump not only failed to impose sanctions against Russia “for this flagrant violation of international law”, but also continued the “campaign of worship and […]

A UCLM student, forced to read his doctoral thesis by videoconference

ABC Real city Updated:05/02/2020 18:15 save Related news A student of the Higher Technical School of Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports (ETSI) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Ciudad Real has carried out, as a result of the state of alarm by the Covid-19, the reading and defense of his doctoral thesis through […]

The azan which was read early confused the city: Please do not open your fasts!

The evening prayer sound rose from the Kefeli Mosque, located in the İstasyon District of the İlkadım district, while there was another hour of iftar time. Citizens preparing iftar meals at their homes were amazed by the early prayer call. Photo: UAV Realizing that he read the adhan early, the mosque imam made an anans […]

Coronavirus, the Scrooges who earned it (and the Victoria Beckham case)

It was spoken of as one “level”, because it indiscriminately affects the rich and the poor. But there is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic that is bringing entire countries to their knees has very different effects on people, depending on their starting income. This was highlighted by data from the USA, from which it […]

The most read books of 2020

This ThursdayApril 23rdAn atypical Sant Jordi is celebrated, in which the coronavirus and its repercussions eclipse part of what Book Day usually entails. However, the most readers will not stop celebrating with the classic gifts of the book and the rose. In case you are still in the process of choosing your gift, we leave […]

What happens when nothing works? Read of course!

With new books by: Hilary Mantel, Mario Vargas Llosa, Paulia Czienkowski and an audio book by Susanne Gregor The bookstores are closed and this puts additional pressure on the battered industry. We speak to publisher Joe Lendle, who explains how you can help the dealers and what the authors are doing who are actually on […]

The book trade in times of Corona – How can book fans support their dealer?

The Easter days will be very calm this time. Not a big family party with egg hunt, excursions or going to church. Let’s make the best of it: off the sofa with a good book! For example with Moritz von Uslar’s literary report from the east of the republic “Noch Deutschboden”. Or with Marlen Haushofer’s […]

A history of art told to be seen and not read

Virtual visit Picasso Museum Malaga The imposing exhibition ‘Genealogies of Art’, produced together with the Fundación Juan March, awaits in the rooms of the Museo Picasso Málaga, from where the montage that reviews the dominant story that has explained the history of modern and contemporary art from the famous diagram produced in 1936 by the […]

Shark movie actress died of coronavirus complications

iron played the mother of Alex Kintner, second victim of the film directed by Steven Spielberg. In his most memorable scene, he slaps local police chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider), who refused to close the coast. In that scene, Fierro confronts Scheider and reproaches him: “You knew there was a shark loose, you knew it […]