For the first time, the construction of prefabricated concrete houses in Hail… and the disclosure of the construction period • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A citizen documented a video clip of the construction of prefabricated concrete houses in Hail. During the video, the citizen reviewed some concrete pieces and houses under construction. Pointing out that this method speeds up the process of housing delivery to homes. The citizen said: “The buildings are strong and stable, and the […]

EU member states reach an agreement on an emergency plan to save natural gas

The member states of the European Union (EU) have agreed on an emergency plan for saving natural gas, the aim of which is to reduce the impact of a possible complete interruption of Russian gas supplies, diplomats said on Tuesday morning. Several hours later, the EU energy ministers approved the agreement. “In an effort to […]

Summer energy elixir – cold coffee

Cold coffee drinks are gaining more and more popularity. Especially already in summer! But can an iced latte really be called coffee? And can it be prepared at home? When thinking about iced coffee, most often the first associations are popular cafe latte, mixed with ice and cold foamed milk, but the range of cold […]

The “Ogle 2022” festival in Sigulda ended with valuable talks

The two-day mental health and music festival “Ogle 2022” ended with valuable talks and music in the Sigulda Castle quarter. Its aim is to promote public awareness of the importance of mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding it. Festival visitors had the opportunity to attend various classes, as well as enjoy the performance of […]

How to motivate children to play sports and reduce inactivity?

A mobile and active child is a healthy child, but how to motivate to go outside instead of sitting indoors? What’s more, to get away from the phone, computer or TV and provide activities that bring joy to the child? These questions tend to preoccupy many parents, and some answers are ready to be given […]

What to do in the office so as not to be too still

Our body is meant to move. When we stand still the muscles hamstrings, those of the lower back and hip flexors they can stiffena condition that can negatively affect running performance and lead to injuries. While sitting our buttocks rest all day, too. When these important muscle groups are weak or underused, their thrust and […]