Letters from readers: poor reality

We are entering the third month of this electoral year 2023. In the economy, inflation is on the verge of passively destroying purchasing power. 50 percent of the population already suffers from it in their own flesh. The sad thing is that the country does not see a life project with a better future. Lately […]

Survivor, the island of celebrities: this is how the new tribes were

This Thursday, March 9, the tribes defined their leaders in Survivor, the island of celebrities. By Amazonas Aco was left, from Koi Catherine London and of Spartans, Eleider Alvarez. However, Tatan Mejia confirmed that a group will disappear in the competition, therefore, there can only be two leaders. Also read: Survivor, the island of celebrities: […]

The intelligent step of the Spanish Legion, closer to being a reality, according to the PP

burgosnoticias.com | 09/03/2023 – 13:16h. “Our commitment to the neighbors is unalterable and our commitment to make it a reality has managed to put the gears of the project into motion,” said Blasco, before recounting the process initiated after the unanimous approval of the proposal that he defended in plenary session. to make this pedestrian […]