New jobs, better mood: US economy surprisingly gives hope

No other country in the world has as many corona infections as in the United States – this has also plunged the economy into recession and destroyed 20 million jobs. But now there is a glimmer of hope. The US industry has surprisingly returned to growth, sending an important signal of recovery in the corona […]

The Meaning of Recession, Will It Happen in Indonesia? Page all – The impact of the corona virus pandemic in the economic sector has been felt by many people. Workers experience termination of employment, employees receive pay cuts, even those who work in the informal sector are also affected. This condition triggers fears of an economic recession. But what is recession? Launch Forbes, a recession […]

Greece regulates rents because of the corona crisis

Closed shop in Athens Entrepreneurs such as retailers and restaurateurs who have had to close due to corona restrictions can cut their rents by 40 percent. (Photo: dpa) Athens The real estate market in Greece had just recovered from the ten-year financial crisis when the corona recession is now causing new turbulence. The EU Commission […]

Turkish central bank cuts key interest rate and wants to support the economy

Turkish lira The key interest rate in Turkey was 24 percent less than a year ago. (Photo: Reuters) Istanbul The Turkish central bank is helping the economy suffering from the coronavirus pandemic with a rate cut. The key rate will be lowered by 50 basis points to 8.25 percent, the central bank said on Thursday. […]

Pound is about to crash again

London The Corona crisis has one good thing from the perspective of many Britons: it has pushed Brexit off the agenda. Since the UK left the EU in late January, the issue has become quiet. The future trade relationship with the EU is not yet regulated, and the “no deal” threatens again at the end […]

Japan’s exports have seen the sharpest decline since 2009

Container terminal in Tokyo Japan’s economy has slipped into recession again. (Photo: dpa) Tokyo Japan’s exports recorded the sharpest decline since the global financial crisis in 2009 as a result of the corona virus pandemic in April. Data from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) showed a 21.9 percent year-on-year slump in foreign trade on Thursday. […]

Corona crisis is causing worst recession in decades

Jerome Powell The head of the US Federal Reserve has said that the Fed will continue its emergency measures and leave the key interest rate close to zero. (Photo: AP) Washington The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the US economy into the worst recession since World War II, according to central bank chief Jerome Powell. There […]

Rebuilding the economy: Lagarde praises Franco-German plan

The European economy is expected to use 500 billion euros to fight a recession that is emerging from the coronavirus pandemic. That is what a German-French plan provides for. Praise for this comes from the Spanish government and also from the ECB. The head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, welcomed the Franco-German proposal […]

The federal government’s stimulus package must be credible

It is the federal government, otherwise so fixated on the black zero, that launched the largest aid program to date in the corona crisis. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) now want to have the huge acute aids followed by an economic stimulus program. This is sorely needed despite the aid […]