“Permission to retire”, by Alfredo Bryce Echenique

Fernando IwasakiFOLLOW, CONTINUE Sevilla Updated:01/05/2021 8:36h Keep Related news After the edits of Permission to live (1993) and Permission to feel (2005), Alfredo Bryce Echenique closes his Antimemorias with Permission to retire, the last volume of a series that with each installment has become more personal, because in this third volume Bryce Echenique talks about … Read more

In Ukraine, the burden on doctors of COVID hospitals was assessed

Photo: The number of hospitalized with coronavirus on the rise On average, the workload of medical teams does not exceed the recommended level, but it all depends on the hospital. According to the results of August, the average workload per one medical team in COVID hospitals was 14 patients with a norm of 20. … Read more

Meet the new Mercedes-Benz representative in El Salvador | News from El Salvador

Experience and trajectory are the characteristics that support the new member of the local automotive market The English group INCHCAPE arrives in El Salvador, following an agreement with Grupo Agrisal, owner of Star Motors, to transfer the commercialization of vehicles, workshop services and sale of Mercedes-Benz spare parts in the country. “After several months of … Read more

A study compares the effectiveness of different types of masks: bandanas very little recommended

FFP2 reduces droplet transmission by more than 99.9% while FFP2 stops 90%. LSurgical masks stop more than 90% of the droplets emitted by speech, according to a comparative study of 14 types of masks which concludes that bandanas and fleece neck warmers are the least effective. For this experiment published by Science Advances on August … Read more