Stage, recreation and fun at ExpoU

What better option to enjoy the event than this space where they danced, sang and played, encouraging each other, between different schools, an effective way to release the stress they feel about their next step to university. Active recreation such as dancing increased the positive and challenging attitude in the students from various schools in […]

Research: water in nature and recreation areas often polluted

The water in Dutch nature and recreation areas is often polluted with toxic pesticides. The environmental standards are not met in four out of ten waters in these areas, according to research by the Center for Environmental Sciences (CML) of Leiden University. Polluted water poses risks to nature and health. Client Natuur & Milieu calls […]

Lecture about the Oisterwijkse Lighallen by Koos Vermue

Former general practitioner Koos Vermue will give a lecture on the Oisterwijkse Lighallen on August 28 at 2 p.m.; earlier he also told about it at Lovo. An old print of the moorings. The lecture is part of the Culture and Experience series, and will be given in Huiskamer de Inloop, Kerkstraat 48 in Oisterwijk. […]

Boaco, quality spaces for family recreation

The spaces of family recreation they are being improved in the departmental head of Reindeer one of them is the Parque de los Héroes y Mártires. The local commune, through the municipal public services area, has held workshops for maintenance work mesh, painting, retouching on your site and reforestation. Therefore, sports evenings are now organized […]

Bad Füssing almost at pre-corona level

-Adverticle- Bad Fussing. Germany’s most visited spa town, Bad Füssing, recorded almost two million overnight stays in 2022. In addition, there were around 280,000 overnight guests. According to spa & tourism manager Daniela Leipelt, the spa reached around 80 percent of the pre-Corona level in terms of overnight stays last year. When it comes to […]

Termination of the regular weekly corona case numbers reporting

Eschwege, March 7, 2023 Termination of the regular weekly corona case numbers reporting After 3 years of regular daily or, most recently, weekly reporting of the number of corona cases, the district administration will now discontinue the weekly reports. The reason for this is, on the one hand, that the infection process was recently characterized […]

Favorites offers the best education for everyone

As the district with the most inhabitants, Favoriten offers its children and young people the best education and leisure activities year after year. Vienna (OTS/SPW) – With 210,000 inhabitants, Vienna’s tenth district would be the third largest city in Austria. A district that so many people call home must also offer its residents […]

The trend turned, Czechs began to get rid of their cottages and cottages

Czechs invested heavily in holiday properties during the pandemic. Over the past two years, the prices of cottages and cottages have grown at the fastest rate ever, and their supply has fallen to a historic low. Today, the situation is slowly changing and the demand for the purchase of a holiday property is significantly decreasing. […]