Exercising (even just walking) reduces the risk of sleep apnea

Canadian and Australian researchers have conducted a study, the largest to date, in which they state that increased physical activity is associated with a lower risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a common sleep-related respiratory disorder. The researchers reviewed the medical, lifestyle, sociodemographic, and sleep health data collected from more than 155,000 adults who participated in […]

José Valencia: ‘The political quota in the foreign service will be reduced’

Interview with José Valencia, Chancellor of the Republic Is there talk of a budget reduction due to the covid-19 crisis?I don’t knowThe cuts that must be made by the Chancellery and other State entities will focus on reducing expenses in the area of ​​operations, and also on saving fees and remuneration. These are the two […]

Advisor trump accused China of distributing COVID-19 through tourists :: Politics :: RBC

Chinese authorities could have prevented the coronavirus pandemic, but instead hid information about the disease and allowed their tourists to distribute COVID-19 around the world, said US Presidential Advisor Peter Navarro Photo Credit: Alex Brandon / AP China has been hiding data on the virus for two months and has allowed “hundreds of thousands” of […]

Thebes: “Clubs will have to reduce wages”

Javier Tebas is clear about the outlook ahead of the League. And it’s one where you have to tighten your belt. The employers are trying to reduce the negative effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus with the dispute of what remains of the competition, even if it is behind closed doors and with […]

The diet that halves the risk of colon cancer

ABC Health Updated:05/04/2020 14: 31h save Related news The colon cancer It is the most frequent malignant tumor in Spain, with 44,000 new cases each year. It is the second most common type of cancer among women, after breast cancer; and the third among men, after those of the lung and prostate. The eating habits […]

Human antibodies discovered to block coronavirus in cells

R.I. Madrid Updated:05/04/2020 12: 33h save Related news Researchers from Utrecht University, Erasmus Medical Center and Harbor BioMed (Germany) have identified a fully human monoclonal antibody which prevents the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) from infecting cells in the laboratory. The finding, published today in Nature Communications, is a first step initial towards developing a fully human […]

How can we reduce the impact of confinement on our sleep?

Known for his YouTube channel followed by 237,000 subscribers and for his book Sleeping well can be learned where he offers a two-month sleep rehabilitation program, the psychotherapist Benjamin Lubszynski gives some keys to better manage confinement and its impact on sleep. Interview. How does containment play on sleep? The first factor for sleep disorders […]

Measures against Covid-19 reduce pollution in Alicante by 68%

The levels of nitrogen dioxide concentration, one of the main responsible for air pollution, Have decreased an average of 64% in the main Spanish cities after the measures decreed for the fight against COVID-19. Where they have fallen most has been in Barcelona, with an 83%. In Madrid, the reduction has been of a 73% […]