Naturalization in Germany: A fact check in figures and graphics – Politics

In their coalition agreement, the parties in the traffic light government have agreed to reform the naturalization law. The goal is to “take social reality into account,” it says on page 6. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has now presented a draft that contains the cornerstones of a new law. The most important planned innovations: Unlike […]

Special needs level violates the Basic Law: Reduced benefit for refugees overturned

Single people in collective homes “Special needs level” for refugees tilted 11/25/2022, 10:08 am The grand coalition has reduced the benefits for certain single refugees with reference to savings through co-economy. The Federal Constitutional Court sees it differently and declares the regulation null and void. A man who had lived in such a facility for […]

More money for single people in refugee homes

Karlsruhe (dpa) – Refugees who live in shared accommodation again get just as much money to live on as other single asylum seekers. Their social benefits were cut by a flat rate of ten percent in 2019 because they can allegedly save on expenses by shopping and cooking together – but that violates the Basic […]

Population – Immigration to Britain hits record high – Economy

London (dpa) – Because of the high number of war refugees from Ukraine, more people than ever since the Second World War have immigrated to Great Britain. The bottom line is that in the twelve months to June, a good 500,000 more people moved to the United Kingdom than left it, according to the British […]

Tensions between France and Italy awaken European migration difficulties

France and Italy want a long-term European solution to respond to migratory difficulties. Paris and Rome have been at odds since last week over the fate of the ship Ocean Viking. The boat finally docked in Toulon where the 230 migrants survivors were able to dismount. The Italian authorities had refused to open the country’s […]

Tutoring in Baden-Württemberg: The youngest should learn sustainability – Baden-Württemberg

The understanding of ecological relationships should already be awakened in kindergarten. Photo: /Werner Kuhnle As a pioneer, Baden-Württemberg wants to explain the global economic and ecological context. The government sees a “need for action” in education. Can the forest kindergarten help to slow down the extinction of species? Do school partnerships with Burundi awaken an […]

That’s why Switzerland doesn’t stop refugees at the border

The French police throw refugees out of the TGV in Basel. Switzerland is criticized for not stopping people. An official insider clarifies. View from the TGV train after taking off from Basel towards Paris. – Ad the essentials in brief was traveling with the TGV from Basel to Paris. Many refugees hide on […]