Reduced places for nuisance asylum seekers

State secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol will inform the House of Representatives on Wednesday. Previously, nuisances were refused at reception locations, but that is no longer possible due to a judgment of the European Court of Justice. At the registration center in Ter Apel, it sometimes happened that nuisances were no longer welcome at the reception location. […]

Germany’s EU Presidency: The Chancellor’s pressing tasks

Dhe German EU Presidency from July 1st falls into a decisive phase for Europe: The economic consequences of the corona pandemic will be serious in many countries, an unregulated Brexit is imminent and the major construction site migration continues to tumble. The motto of the German EU Council Presidency is: “Together. Make Europe strong again. […]

Heijmans used COA money for refugee house rental | 1Limburg

The resigned mayor Jos Heijmans van Weert has used the government grant that the municipality receives because it houses an asylum seekers center, among other things, to contribute to the rental costs of a Syrian refugee. This concerns an amount of 5,070 euros that was paid in the period from 21 May 2016 to 31 […]

Syrian war: Germany pledges billions of aid to victims

foreign countries Online donor conference Germany pledges billions in aid to victims of the war in Syria Stand: 30.06.2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Millions of Syrians have fled abroad from their homes Source: AFP / DELIL SOULEIMAN Germany and other countries have pledged 6.9 billion euros in additional aid to the victims of the […]

Psychiatrist Reveals How To Relieve Stress During Pandemic So As Not To Drain Drugs

PR CIREBON – The period of the Pandemic changed the fabric of the lives of many people, not a few moods mixed from starting to feel angry to lonely. Quoted from the Antara site, Narcotics and illegal drugs could be a shortcut for individuals who feel stressed during the Covid-19 pandemic, said psychiatrist Elisa […]

Cruise in Corona times: This is how the ships could set off again

Dhe tourism is infected by the corona virus like hardly any other branch. The cruise is particularly hard hit. All major shipping companies have stopped their trips, most of the ships anchor in ports around the world. Nobody can currently predict when they will set sail again. The current cruise crisis has not only to […]

The 50,000 ignored refugees who almost pushed Spain into the First World War

Israel Viana Madrid Updated:05/12/2020 01: 51h save Related news King Alfonso XIII and President Eduardo Dato were convinced that Spain was not ready to take up arms and declared “the strictest neutrality in the country” as soon as the First World War began. In the same statement made public in the “Madrid Gazette” on August […]

Greek central bank chief Stournaras: “Banks should be careful”

Governor Stournaras, Greece appeared to be Europe’s most important crisis for many years. Not any longer longer? Why are we no longer hearing negative news about Greece? Tobias Piller Business correspondent for Italy and Greece based in Rome. Greece has made substantial progress in reducing its double deficit – in the national budget and in […]

Rohingya refugees in the Corona crisis: human flotsam

Rohingya refugees on a boat near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh on Saturday. Picture: AFP Hundreds of Rohingya wander about on boats in the Indian Ocean – no country wants to take them in. But people in the refugee camps in Bangladesh have long felt intolerable. HOther people sit crammed together on the planks of a […]

Behind the scenes of Brussels – Containment: the debate prohibited

It only took a few moments, on March 16, for the Head of State and his government, in the name of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, to place the French under house arrest and deprive them of most of their freedoms civil, political and social that we thought inalienable: freedom to come and go, […]