Sundde adjusts prices of medicines and medical supplies in five pharmacies in Yaracuy

The National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), inspected 30 pharmacies in Yaracuy state and applied price adjustments in five of them for presenting profit margins higher than that established in the Organic Law of Fair Prices (LOPJ). The measure was applied in the Central Discount Pharmacy, San Felipe Pharmacy and La Redoma […]

Ode to a rich and universal dish

With broth and consommé as the only offer, modern restaurants were born in Paris in the 18th century; Andy Warhol dedicated one of his most iconic works to Campbell’s cans; and the soup kitchens are in English soup kitchens. Comfort food that admits almost any ingredient (there are also cold versions), the soup is part […]

Sweden will increase military budget by 40%

Photo: Reuters Stockholm plans to increase military budget by 40% Among the reasons for this decision in Sweden are the actions of Russia and the deterioration of regional security. In Sweden, the government has proposed to increase the military budget for 2021-2025 by 40%. This was stated by the head of the Swedish Ministry of […]

La Sabana Hospital is endowed with supplies and medicines

The hospital board Jose Maria Spain, Located in La Sabana, La Guaira state, it received a shipment of medical supplies and medicines, as part of the elements with which another Community Pharmacy will be activated in the entity soon. The information was provided by the only health authority in the region, Yadira Castillo, who explained […]

Replace your mortgage at the best conditions: It’s that easy

Would you like to change the provider of your mortgage? Only those who terminate the existing contract in good time can avoid a prepayment penalty. Find out how to get rid of your mortgage and find the best follow-on product. September 28, 2020 02:30 am Repay a mortgage? Sounds complicated, but works fine if a […]

How useful is hearing aid insurance?

If there is a hearing loss, the statutory health insurance will give you up to 750 euros for the purchase of a hearing aid. The cash register also steps in when repairs are necessary. So if you have your hearing aid paid for at 100 percent by health insurance, you don’t need insurance, says Alica […]

Regional languages. “Whitening is accelerating the decline of our languages,” they denounce

Breton, Occitan, Basque, Catalan, Poitevin Saintongeais, Creole… According to a Unesco census, they are among the languages ​​“threatened with extinction”. In France, their representatives decided to make themselves heard and, in autumn 2019, created the collective “So that our languages ​​live”, when the Blanquer law came into force. “One year after the implementation of the […]