Vismane overcomes the first round of the Trieste W15 tournament

Vismane (WTA 499), who was placed seventh in the tournament, won the Italian Aurora Zantedesi (WTA 731) in the first round with 6-4, 6-3, who had previously managed to beat the qualification. For reaching the second round, the Latvian tennis player earned one WTA ranking point. In the next round, Visman will be met by […]

Runner Cheptege in the Diamond League at 5,000 meters sets a 16-year-old world record

Čeptegem had excellent conditions for setting a world record on Friday, as the air temperature was not higher than +27 degrees Celsius, but the gusts of wind were almost imperceptible. The Ugandan covered a distance of 5,000 meters in 12 minutes and 35.36 seconds, correcting the world record by almost two seconds. Earlier in 2004, […]

Citadele Bank introduces a new contactless payment method

“Given that the number of contactless payments has grown significantly over the past year, currently accounting for 71% of all payments made by Citadele customers, the ring will be another way to make contactless payments quickly and securely,” the bank said. Andris Lazdins, the head of Citadele’s card and payment department, explains that the ring […]

Dagmar Legante is cast from the TV show “Voice in Mask”

Detectives decided to expose the bright concrete jungle master, Leo, who performed The Weeknd’s song “Blinding Lights” and supplemented it with an attractive dance from the popular site “TikTok”. Expressing several conjectures, Baiba Sipeniece was convinced that DJ Ella or Elīna Fūrmane was hiding under the Lion, while Samanta Tīna mentioned that she could be […]

The number of claims for hail and thunder damage is growing rapidly

“Hail grains have seriously damaged many cars – dozens of CASCO insurance claims have been received, and their number continues to grow with each passing minute. Several of them were applied for directly from Garkalne district and Upesciems, where record-breaking hail grains were observed yesterday, but lightning strikes were also a significant factor, ”describes Kārlis […]