Máté András Gömöri and Lilla Polyák are romancing in Canada

Máté András Gömöri and Lilla Polyák are romancing in Canada 2022-11-25 / Author: Habostorta / Other, Love Lilla Polyák and her husband, András Máté Gömöri, are resting in Canada. The actor-bodybuilder shared their photo together, which the couple took in Toronto, with a funny text. “Dicak, what a great vantage point they have here in […]

The next year will bring such changes in relationships

Kos As an Aries sign, you have to give yourself an answer to the question of whether to go or stay. The full moon in February illuminates your romantic side, while around April you have to make an important decision: are you ready to take the next step together, or will you leave the relationship? […]

Wales coach on Bale: ‘He’s never let us down’

Bale, Wales’ all-time leading goalscorer, earned his side a point in their first World Cup appearance since 1958 with an 82nd-minute penalty. Asked if Bale was going to take his own penalty after Walker Zimmerman’s foul, Page told ITV: “A million per cent. He’s never let us down. Again, that’s Bale’s story.” Bale took the […]

Car news: what to do when the starter is silent and the light in the cabin is off?

However, the tasks of batteries have changed and multiplied in the last decade, for example, to withstand the countless starting cycles of start-stop systems, to keep complex control units alive, and so on. Together with an Inter Cars Latvija specialist, we will decipher what kind of beast an AGM type battery is, find out what […]

An elephant in a dish shop? What Elon Musk is doing with Twitter

A $44 billion deal Musk signed the contract to buy Twitter back in April, but announced in July that he was withdrawing from it, accusing Twitter of making misleading statements about the number of fake accounts on the platform. Lawsuits followed, and in early October, Musk changed his mind again and offered Twitter to complete […]

Ukrainian security services have searched Pecheri Monastery in Kyiv

Kyiv’s Pecheri Monastery is a Ukrainian cultural treasure and the headquarters of the Russian-backed wing of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church has publicly supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the church has condemned the search of the monastery as an attempt at intimidation. The Security Service of Ukraine has […]

Approves the powers of the Saeima deputy for Daudjem and Doroškėviča

The Speaker of the Saeima, Edvards Smiltēns (AS), congratulated the parliamentarians on starting their work with a full 100 members. Upon taking office, both MPs made a solemn promise: “I, assuming the duties of a member of the Saeima, swear (solemnly promise) before the people of Latvia to be faithful to Latvia, to strengthen its […]

Peskov declares that Russia will achieve its goals in Ukraine

“We find the main point – both de facto and de jure, the position of the Ukrainian side, which has been repeatedly presented by President Zelensky, shows that Ukraine, both de facto and de jure, is unable and unwilling to conduct negotiations,” reports “Interfax”. Accordingly, the goals of the Russian Federation will be implemented by […]