Clint Eastwood completely ruined his former partner

Clint Eastwood is already 91 years old, but there is no success she has not achieved in her career so she could spend her well-deserved rest in her old age, but she is still active. However, the former heartthrob is by no means famous not only for her extraordinary career, but also for her feminine […]

James overtakes Curry at the Western Conference in an NBA All-Star fan vote

After this vote, the top five of the team will be selected.Los Angeles Lakers have overtaken Golden State Warriors at the Curry West Conference, and Durent of Brooklyn’s Nets is leading the vote at the Eastern Conference. In addition to James (Western Conference Long Players – Attackers and “Centers”) and Durent (Eastern Conference Long Players), […]

Dara Rolins reveals a piece of privacy: Big plans with Pavel…

Singer Dara Rolins has been shining with happiness for the last few months. He has not hidden his relationship with former football player Pavel Nedvěd for several weeks and often admires his love on social networks. They spend their time together mainly in Italy, where their romance also began. In addition to music, the singer […]

Citadele Bank’s Swiss subsidiary to be trusted by Gibraltar’s Trusted Novus Bank

The bank was informed that an agreement had been signed with Trusted Novus Bank Limited for the sale of Kaleido Privatbank, a subsidiary of Citadele Bank in Switzerland. Trusted Novus Bank Limited will acquire 100% of Kaleido Privatbank shares. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, subject to regulatory approvals. […]