Singer Maria Naumova is not home from India

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 told about it on the social network “Facebook”, conveying greetings from India, where he was “stuck with the whole family” in this difficult situation. “There is no possibility to return home yet, we very much hope that this opportunity will appear at the end of April,” […]

European champion Kokoškov becomes the head coach of the basketball club “Fenerbahce”

The contract with the 48-year-old coach is concluded for three seasons. Kokoškov will travel to Istanbul after the Sacramento Kings team, in which he works as an assistant, closes the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) 2019/2020 season. Kokoškovs has worked for the NBA for 20 years with seven different teams, including leading the Phoenix Dog in […]

PHOTO: it became the best TV series of the year so far – “Big Fools” made by local jokers

In the main roles of the series: Kristaps Strūbergs (participant of “Singapore Satin”), comedian and also “Singapore Satin” participant Edgars Bāliņš, actors Pauls Iklāvs, Elīna Bojarkina and Aminata Grieta Diarra, musician Roberts Gobziņš, comedian Jolanda Suvorova and others. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the series: Behind the scenes of filming the series “Big […]

Alfonso Quaron’s drama “Rome” wins the main prize at the Venice Film Festival

Alfonso Quaron has previously earned acclaim with works such as “Y tu mama tambien” (“And your mother too”), “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” (“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”) and the 2013 Oscar. received the Hollywood digger “Gravity”. Alfonso Quaron’s black and white drama “Rome” is based on the director’s own childhood […]

Married TV diva Anna Rozīte

Feders has announced the happy event on the social network “Facebook” by posting a photo from the wedding venue – the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia. “One word can change your decision. One feeling can change your life. One person can change you … Anna, thank you! Your husband “- this photo was […]

Listen – “Līvi” releases the first song from the new album

The name of the new album will be “Pluss minus”, and the band has released the title song, which was recorded by Latvian hip-hop artist Rays (Raivis Krams). He, like most of the group, is from Liepaja and at one time became known for his patriotic composition “For Latvian Latvia”, the number of views of […]

Mentors Marats and Busulis have also made their choice in “Factor X”

Also in this show, the groups fought for the opportunity to be under the care of mentor Intars Busulis. An insight into the seventh program of the third season of the show “X Factor” +46 See more The choice had already been made by mentor Aija Auškāpa, who in the category of “girls from 16 […]

This week it will get cooler every day, weather forecasters predict

On Monday, a large mass of cold air will reach Latvia, its effect will last all week, as a result of which the temperature during the day will not rise above +18 … + 20 degrees Celsius, but at night it may fall below the +10 degree mark. Rain is often expected, and thunderstorms are […]

Zavorotņuka days are numbered –

According to the scientist, glioblastoma is most common in people between the ages of 40 and 60 and is rare. So far, however, there has been no official confirmation that the Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnuka has suffered from this disease. Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive forms of brain tumor. In a very fast […]