The intact remains of two dead in the eruption of Vesuvius discovered in Pompeii

ROME – Excavations at a suburban village on the outskirts of ancient Pompeii this month have recovered the remains of two original inhabitants frozen in time by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius one fateful morning nearly 2,000 years ago. The find of the two victims, whom archaeologists provisionally identified as a wealthy Pompeian landowner and […]

Fit and healthy through autumn and winter

to travel Bad Aibling recommends light sporting activities and wellness to strengthen the immune system by Ilse Romahn (13.10.2020) Whoever moves stays healthy. The Upper Bavarian moor spa Bad Aibling knows this and recommends all coach potatoes to get over the bogus now and leave the comfortable comfort zone. Because: regular exercise helps to reduce […]

Former ELN guerrilla Francisco Galán is released – Justice

At around 9 o’clock this Tuesday night, the former ELN guerrilla Francisco Galán was released from a prison located in the Aburrá Valley, Antioquia. Galán, whose real name is Gerardo Antonio Bermúdez Sánchez, had been arrested last February, by order of a Cali prosecutor who had linked him to a case for the kidnapping of […]

America runs out of change

(EFE) .- “Currently the US is suffering from a shortage of currencies. Please, use debit, credit or another type of contactless payment if possible.” This is how many establishments in the country receive customers when they announce one of the unexpected victims of the pandemic crisis. In the midst of the acute economic crisis, with […]

Leopoldsdorf factory for sugar beet remains in operation – Lower Austria

After rumors about the closure of the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory, the farmers and Agrana agreed to continue operating the plant. The rumors that have been circulating among beet farmers for some time about the closure of the Leopoldsdorf sugar factory have proven to be unfounded, at least for the 2020 campaign. The Agrana Group continues […]